Spanish Bulerias Multi-Track Loop Player Flamenco Guitar Lessons
Spanish Bulerias Multi-Track Loop Player Flamenco Guitar Lessons

Let’s now see how to play that with the
Bulerias Multitrack Loop Player software… – let’s play the same “Alzapua Rasqueo Remate” pattern: – Now, this flamenco groove,
let’s see what is it made of…? I can solo the individual channels… Aha, so, Handclaps, (Palmas), Shaker,
Djembe, Cajon Snare and Cajon Dry. – That’s what makes this groove..! … So let’s then groove on..! The world-unique flamenco loop sets database is displayed on the 12/8 measure grid. The heavy beats are marked with yellow square, while the accented heavy beats are marked with the red. The weak beats are colorless or white. Of course, you can create your own groove and your own arrangement from each of the sample sets. But, as learning goes, the essential information on any flamenco “palo”
or type of the compas can be best seen through the sample of “palmas” or handclaps. Although the “palmas” do not play the very
accents which are our starting point for understanding the compas, they carry the
unique essential rhythmical information. I use the multi-track loop player every day
so I compose, improvise, or just enjoy playing around this incredible software tool… Enjoy the sample library, with all the best wishes, let the good winds be with you on this voyage, and – good luck…!

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    Pure Genius!!!

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    Wow very good ❤

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    How to get this software?

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    What is name of song of this Arpegios Thanks

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