Start An Online Radio Station 🎤 : LGTV Review
Start An Online Radio Station 🎤 : LGTV Review

Abell top granules and Gwinnett's horn rattles back again this time with something a little different every once in a while companies send me products and you know gadgets and I love reviewing gadgets I love Union speakers I review everything that they sent me even knives whatever whatever it is if it's cool I'll review it you know might as well but every once in a while people send me emails and you know asking me to pawn up with them and collaborate with them and I'm always a little hesitant and I'm like me I don't think so however this company called the heights hosting company contacted me and they wanted me to partner up with them okay so let me just tell you right off the bat what it is it's a company that enables you or gives you the ability to have an online radio station what does that mean basically if you're a DJ or if you're an aspiring DJ or you know radio personality that wants to have his own show on the web these people make that happen for you okay um podcasters if you're a podcaster and you want to go live and your very own app these guys facilitate that for you so let me just show you the website really quick so let's jump right into this so this is the site and arm basically on the site they just tell you what they do you know you ever wanted to be a radio personality they can help how can they help basically you sign up for an account okay arm and the accounts start from five dollars a month to about $50 a month and the range I'm going to try to explain it as you know as quick as possible I want to make this video too long but let me just tell you some of the features of this service arm what is that I think is the coolest then it's this call Auto DJ basically enables you to leave your radio station playing continuously until you come back live what does that mean you upload files to a server which they give you space for and you just put these files in and over in a rotation you know just like a regular radio station you know you put all your files in your rotation and it just keeps playing until you come back live how do you come back live there's a bunch of different ways of doing it um my favorite way is called a app called nice cast which I'm going to also be showing you how that works and basically it's as simple as clicking go live in your life and when you go live your stream goes out to the world whether you haven't an app which they do offer and your or your website you just want to put it on your website you want people to hear you through your website you could just do it there you could even put a link on your Facebook I'm sorry you can even put a radio player in your Facebook page if you want people to listen to your radio on your Facebook page so it's pretty cool I mean it's pretty intuitive so let's go back to this thing here let's see so yeah so I mean this is this is the gist of it I mean instant setup you apply for an account you get set up right away within ten minutes I think it's instant I mean it's pretty fast FTP uploading so if you want to upload your music or your files via FTP as possible you have multiple DJs so let's say you have a friend that lives in California and you don't want to start this radio station together he could log in from his computer in California and go live anytime he wants and you can log in from your computer here in New York and you could go live whenever you want so you can have multiple DJs I'm not sure there's a limit to the DJ's but I know you could definitely have more than two maybe even five okay it uses a cloud-based service so you don't you don't actually have to have a computer in your house streaming the music it's everything saved on the cloud so you don't have to worry about that so I'm going to go right to the pricing now I don't want to spend too much time with you know the little stuff so they have six different packages okay they have the starter package standard package premium package pro package Pro Plus package and Pro Plus version two package I'm going to explain those to you in a second let me just art with a starter package they start a package for those people who just want to try it out see how works okay you don't get much bandwidth you get 50 megabytes of BJ space um you get up to 50 listeners which is still a lot mean I don't know I mean I have been trying this out and I don't think I got more than three listeners at a time um when the quality is just the basic quality which is 30 to come kilobits then that's five bucks a month then you jump in to the standard version so the standard version is two gigabytes of auto DJ storage um ten gigabytes a monthly bandwidth 100 listeners and the quality goes up a little bit it goes to 96 kilobits the next step which is probably the top of these three is the Premium Package which is five gigabytes of DJ space 20 gigabytes of monthly on bandwidth 300 listeners but the quality is the sort of like normal quality the basic quality of the good quality I have to say is 128 kilobits ok so let's go into the next tier right here so this is where things get kind of cool okay now for the pro package you get a harm sorry not 100 10 gigabytes of storage on Ototo up I'm just excuse me 10 gigabytes of auto DJ storage unlimited bandwidth unlimited listeners and the quality is 192 kilobytes so the quality goes all the way up now in this part I do say that have an apple I'm sorry Android in an iPhone app available in that price it does not include that that's extra and I believe the price for just the app if you want to get the app on your own is like four hundred and fifty dollars so this is why the next two plans are probably the plans that you will want if you want to have your own app included in your servers okay so we go into the next arm um tier which is the Pro Plus and that one is 45 hours a month but but this is the catch the catch is it's a yearly plan so you have to pay 45 hours a month for 12 months up front but you get an either an iPhone app or Android app with this service and again you get the same you know you get the same as the other one the quality is at the top of the quality's three hundred and twenty kilobits but everything you get on the 20 in the 20 package $20 package a month you get on this one but the difference is you get an Android app or an iPhone app okay now they're I guess their best plan the wonder that they really want to push the one they're looking for people to sign up is the pro package version 2 now this package is the same as the one before the only difference is you get both the iPhone app and the Android app now the only the only difference is the final difference and you get both applications and the applications are valid for one year in other words you sign up if you get the $500 I'm sorry excuse me the $50 a month plan it's um $600 a year so you pay $600 and I'm going to have some coupon codes I believe I have a coupon code for $50 off the the top of the line 1 and a 1 for $40 off for the $45 a month 1 I'm gonna have those in the bottom of the of the of the of the video link so basically with the pro version 2 you get both apps with the pro version plus you just get one app still if you just want to get an iPhone app and you don't really care for Android or vice versa you might want to go that do that so let me jump in because they did give me an account and they did set up an app for me so I could show you guys how it works and let me jump in right into it um basically you know you go and you select your plan let's assume you select this plan and it goes right into the cart it tells you how much it is you know and as soon as you do this part as soon as you you fill out this information here where you go to checkout and you put the promo code whatever the promo code is I believe is those granules 50 let's see let's see if it takes it well there it is ah so you get $50 off after the top of the line one arm and you click checkout it takes you to the checkout you fill out all your information you know you pay blah blah blah and then you get an email telling you how to log in to your brand-new server and once you get that email you're going to see this next part I'm going to show you so let's go check so I'm going to go ahead and get my face out of here so I could show you what this looks like and here it is so you got I'm just going to go to the basic stuff you have your general information your Quick Links your settings your widgets your DJs this where you where you will set up your own DJs if you have different DJ's you give them different um login in accounts you got your reports of your listeners you log and here's the server to start it and okay so one thing you you do want to set up when you get your first when you get your account you know you buy your account is this is what this is why you you get for your Quick Links and your Quick Links basically show you um all the information you need to get started okay um they do in the site they do have a sort of like a quick beginner's guy or how to get started if you never done it before and the guys over they are really helpful so you can always chat with them through their site and they'll be able to help your friend really quickly so this is what the test stream looks like okay I'm going to try to do this quick okay so let me let me jump right into this okay okay so the first thing you want to do is you want to go into your into your settings and you want to setup your DJ okay you want to turn that on it doesn't come in turned on so you have to go in and turn it on and then you click right here and you know you know just click enable and then update boom and it's enable once you do that you'll be able to see this this um which says the auto DJ up down here okay now next thing you need to do is you need to put files in there I'm gonna I'm grab some hopefully royalty-free files here and upload them so you can see how easy it is again you can also do this via you can also do this via FTP but for now I'm just going to do it this way just so you guys could see you know how this works I'm going to upload these three files and these are three files that are basically royalty-free so let's wait for the three files to upload I'll show you how super simple this is to just get this started especially if you just want to get your radio station started up and up and running you know this is how it's done so there it is a files uploaded you go return you go up to your playlists and I'm sorry not playlist you go to media and what you want to do is the files that you upload it you want to drop them in to one of your you know different rotations I'm just going to pick I'm just going to pick the standard rotation as soon as you drop them in there you can see that it turns into eight minutes that's that's how long this play station is I'm sorry this rotation is so check this out this is this is so cool so that's it I uploaded my files all I gotta click is star server if you did something wrong you get an error message here telling you that the server couldn't start and they're mainly the reason that is is because you don't have any files in your auto DJ now the auto DJ is now running your your station is live and anybody who has your link which I'm going to show you where to get can listen to you okay here's a quick test so this is plane from the station this is the station the station is plane okay now how do i how do I know that if I go to my status page right here and I do a refresh on my status page and my account is called test stream so just you know so you know right now we should be able to hit play over here I kind of mouse go a little bit by that and the same the music is playing there it is so this is live so if you have this link on your on your computer you got you can listen to this right now live but it gets better okay it gets better so let's go back to the Quick Links so you have these Quick Links here and everything you need to get started is on this page it tells you the FTP down here tells you the FTP it tells you live sources or DJ sources again I'm going to do a quick demo on how that works and that's basically it for this part now what I really want to show you guys is the super cool app that they gave me okay because they gave me the the $600 package for me to demo and show it off and you know obviously we're partners okay so this is the best part of the whole thing they obviously gave me an app so I could play with this and I have the top of the tier you know where I have both apps for the Android and the iPhone and this is what it looks like right here so I'm going to flip it over here and I'm just going to open it so you guys could see it there it is and that's what it no generally looks like for me to play this though I have to unplug it from my screen over here and hit play and there it is there it is see how it plays and that's the music that I have that I just uploaded to the computer and it's already here live very cool very cool so the next step is I'm going to show you how to go live from your computer now like I said there's two ways that you could do it there's a there that you got you to use winamp to go live for PC users or you could use nice casts for Mac users to go live now nice cast is a pay is a paid app I think I believe is about $40 the app or $50 again I'll leave the link for that on the description and that's what I like to use because I'm a Mac guy so I'm gonna show you that way I don't have a PC I mean I do have parallels but I'm not gonna hook all that stuff up to show you how that works but the nice guys I'm going to show you how that works and how I could go live and you can hear me live through the phone through the you know you know server and everything so let's do that right now I set up nice cast already so I could show you how that works and it's basically very simple from the information from your login screen your Quick Links you grab the information and it's basically right over here so here it is you see this information the cast dot teeth tip comm and then the port number and then you pass when your password is the password that you use to log in to your servers I'm sorry to the server um so basically that's it now in this case I'm going to be using iTunes as the as the the sound because I can use the mic here otherwise I'm just going to get feedback and it's going to sound horrible so I'm going to use iTunes you could choose from different applications here as you can see you could use audio device or system audio or whatever you know so if you have like a board connected you connect the board right to your Mac through the USB it'll come up to there so I'm going to open up iTunes I'm gonna hit play and let's go from the beginning here no not that so there so I'm just going to use this I know I won't get flagged for this music and I'm going to hit broadcast on here and boom it's on the air it's broadcasting live now we're going to go back into the app um let me just go big screen on here we're going to go back into the app and hit play and there it is now see that it took a second for it to go live there is a minimal delay I think a belief of maybe 10 seconds before he actually goes live so you heard the radio that was playing in the background and then this took over which is the live app in the nice cast now if I hit on like stop on the nice cast and you'll see what's going to happen I'm going to hit I'm gonna hit stop hold on a second and so you can see that the DJ that is playing in the background automatically takes over and you and you have music playing in the background so let's should be any second now very sick there it is instantaneous and when light into the DJ in the DJ's playing there's the DJ that I have planing up in the station so um I'm pretty excited about this I hope you guys are too I mean if you have any questions you go always email me I'm playing with the system myself it works it just works the guys that I set this stuff up they're very helpful if you need any help with anything they could always help you if you try to start your own radio station if you're a podcaster if you just got stuff to say and you want people to hear you or if you already have a mass following of people to this you know against your podcast why not get this you could go live tell them listen tune in every Tuesday at 3 o'clock I'm going to be doing my show live download the app and when when they put your app in the App Store is free so the person could download it they don't have to pay for it they'll get it for free but for them for the Android and the Mac I should say the iOS one so um can't go wrong I mean what else can I say well thank you for watching you've been watching LG TV I am home granules you've been watching LG TV again sounds like an egg go find us an uninstall Oscar nanos on Facebook Los Llanos and on twitter los grammars again thank you for watching and I hope you like the new service uh I'm partnering with uh thank you for watching peace

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