Hi I’m bobby Crispy this Video Is Putting my guitar Lesson Series So today i’ll show how to play Taking Care of Business by bto Bachman Turner Overdrive So it’s pretty Simple it’s Made Up of Three [Main] Riffs I’ll play the Riffs and I’ll Show how They’re Paid Enough Promote using jobs Okay so the first riff okay Starts off as a C chord Top string a Thread 5th string 10th fret Play that Twice and on the Fifth string [for] the 12th fret With your Pinky Once Then Back to the Tenth fret Fifth string yeah twice so what’s Then You Just Move the whole thing down Two frets to B-Flat do the exact Same Thing and go to the Fifth string 8th fret Exact Same Thing so if A string 8th fret 4th String 10th fret Or f chord [Click] Twice [Fourth] String Fourth fret Clip your Pinkie Once And back to the 10th fret Fourth string Twice then it goes Back to the First One See Top string 8th fret of The exact Same Thing is Four so Once Again Slowly Right That’s True Everyone okay rift number Two is this? okay [Starts] [off] at the Bottom string Twelfth fret Second String [Eleventh] fret Third String Fourth fret as a chord Play That Five Times Picking Up and Down So it’s okay it Goes to the Second The Third strings A threat [Via] at the same Time the Third string sixth fret Bedded Down to the Fourth string 8th fret Six eight That Part again Wait here Same Thing but at. The 5th string Position So it’s Bottom string 5th fret 2nd string 4th fret and Third String [5th] fret Same Thing Played five Times Now okay and then to the second and Third strings 10th fret Third String A, threat bennet Down Fourth String 10th fret [8] Death Don’t play it again Slowly That’s the Second Right Thrift Is this Okay, Those are Full bar Chords so the first one is a C at the Eighth fret For all the strings on each Rep at that Third String 9th Red 4th and 5th strings [Down] Threatened You Haven’t Played a Barre Chord before okay, so it’s twice on the C Chord Enter the f bar Chord the Fifth string 8th fret Pinky With A 10th fret on the 4th 3rd and 2nd strings [3] Times So it’s Move that Down Just Move it Down to Fresh you flat and Clean up twice And back to the Same Chord is Played c.push Two frets Down B-Flat Six red Play That few Times so Playing it Slowly Okay and it was the Three Maintenance of the sun, okay I hope this Lesson has Been Helpful and Thanks for Watching

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  2. Brian h says:

    great lesson bobby do you think you can do drift away by dobie gray?

  3. Kyocera234 says:

    great song, lov BTO, Blue Collar is an awesome song too.

  4. The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

    cool shirt.

  5. RWS says:

    ty Bobby. great lesson .. i always wanted to know that beginning.. nicely done!!! 🙂

  6. Jacknife1998 says:

    Love the guitar, is the bridge pickup an EMG? I can't tell

  7. Sam Bear Morrison says:

    Great lesson Bobby! Now we need the solo!!! Yeah!

  8. Sjoerd ˈʃuːd says:

    nice guitar

  9. Wayne Ashbee says:

    Fantastic Bobby! How about "Rock and a Hard Place" by the Stones? This is one of their most underrated songs and sounds like it's in standard tuning, which is unusual for Keith.

  10. Andeqk says:

    Hey ! Maybe next Pennyroyal tea by Nirvana ? :))

  11. Ian Chew says:

    Nice lesson…even better T shirt!!!…..keep em coming 🙂

  12. 1onlyphil says:

    Thanks Bobby…. always look forward to your new posts… keeps me interested in picking up the old ax

  13. 1onlyphil says:

    By the way Bobby, those morons that have been so critical of you (you know; the ones that THINK they are all that) please just ignore them. They offer NOTHING of value, but Your videos are very helpful and it is very kind of you to offer them on Youtube. Keep Rockin' Bro

  14. Дмитрий Киреев says:

    Hey, Bobby, I really like your style and I play on the same LP Studio like you. I live in Russia, but I like American culture and music. Have a request: I want to play the main theme of the song Curtis-Stigers-amp-The-Forest-Rangers-John-the-Revelator. Can you help me? I belive that you will help

  15. Eric Headrick says:

    Bobby, been watching your videos for years. GREAT JOB, and THANK YOU! I've learned countless songs via your videos! As I progress, I noticed it is tough to search through the entire video to hear each riff that comprises the song. It would be helpful if you played each riff once or twice in proper song order (a short version of the whole song) at the beginning for us that can play. Proper count for each verse and chorus is not needed, that is simple to mention, annotate, or for us to figure out.

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    You're the best Bobby!!

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    Great video Bobby!! Awesome shirt as well!! PF

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    Thank you Bobby!

  19. Zerkbern says:

    I would love it if you would end your videos (or begin) with a complete rendition of the song.

  20. FUNK MONKEY says:

    Thank you for teaching guitar with great patience!

  21. mokaey says:

    i recommend that after the teaching, you play the whole thing.
    it gives the beginners a sense of accomplishment when they can play it like a pro!

  22. Sinfuldavy says:

    Sorry Bobby but I think at 1:17 your tab is incorrect

  23. sharkytwo says:

    I thought they play in the fill this riff
    I found that on yourchords website .Don't know which is correct.
    For the rest good video

  24. mscorp4life says:

    lmmfao…Hey morons with negative comments about Mr. Crispy. You have no idea who this guy is and he probably has forgot more about the guitar than any of you feeble minded foul mouthed (which is just a reflection on your parents btw) children will ever know. So do us all a favor and STFU!!!

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    Nice ! Very clear and to the point! 😉

  26. John Chandler says:

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  27. William Wallace says:

    What is the order that you play the riffs in? And how many times?

  28. jx14aby says:

    Thanks Bobby! Helped me out again.

  29. Josh Martin says:

    Thanx BC for all your post. Everyone knows how time consuming it is, except for the pinheads who don't post. Love the Blues, St Lou that is.

  30. Greg Bowlan says:

    I'm just learning how to play lead guitar and learning all my scales and patterns. Watching this really helped me out…. easy to follow…. Thanks man.

  31. Sinfuldavy says:

    Is there a video on learning the solo tabs

  32. madsquidly says:

    Good lesson thanks for posting.

  33. Green River says:

    Thanks, Mr Crispy.
    Very clear,

  34. JD Hoov says:

    Appreciate anyone that gives back. Guys/gals like you, really do inspire and greatly help young/old, pick up something wonderful. Been playing on/off (mostly off) for 31 years and I wish we had these resources (you, YouTube, internet lesson sites) back when I picked it up. I'd be 10x the player and probably wouldn't have ever put it down.

  35. Angel Martinez says:

    Hey nice, can you a cover of Not fragile?

  36. B0rnles13 says:

    Thanks Bobby, a good lesson, very clear and the Tab boxes helped a lot. My main reason for learning this song is because I think it sounds a lot like "Get Your Rocks Off" by Primal Scream, just a different rhythm. I've checked out the chords for the rocks song and they seem unduly difficult, so I hope I can learn this song and apply it to "Rocks Off"

  37. Jorgeav1 says:

    Thank you. Very helpful lesson. Cheers from Mexico!

  38. bza069 says:

    great!!   i learned it the first time thru.

  39. bza069 says:

    bobby   it would be nice to see the right arm in the video so we can see if its up or down strokes etc…
    good video otherwise. 

  40. GearPenguin says:

    Great Tutorial! I love this song!

  41. Guns, Gadgets & Guitars says:

    Very helpful. It helps the way you break everything down in detail. Thank you!

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  44. Oscar Shapiro says:

    Please put the tabs in the video, dont as a window, we cant recorded it

  45. MasterOfBattle says:


  46. MrJohnnyDistortion says:

    You should hammer onto the note that you're holding with your middle finger on those power chords. Listen to the cut and you'll hear it.

  47. War pig Hammer says:

    Thanks man .!

  48. bigbear450 says:

    101 OUT OF 10

  49. Jared Garay-Pietrella says:

    You should tune up before you do one of these. Thanks for the lesson

  50. efcpepperjack says:

    the second fret is 6 strums dbl timed in reference to the blues scale part of it

  51. efcpepperjack says:

    and the first riff actually starts w – on the E 88 810 812 , 66 68 610 and then last form on the a string is 88 810 812

  52. efcpepperjack says:

    sorry lol….but i also think (for those of us who are experienced enough to learn from watching quickly, that u should play everything right off the bat when its easy chord sequences and basic riffs. just think u could have many more subs that way. insteas of only beginners youd have more experienced ppl come to check it real quick just to pick it up without having to find correct tabs or figure it out ourselves. just a suggestion. cheers my man

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  54. Reinhard WH says:

    Thanks for sharing. Tabs for second Chord (Bb) played are not right. Root should be on E-String 8th bar.

  55. Bob Fox says:

    Thanks for the lesson.  And nice tone by the way.

  56. david reid says:

    Thanks for this lesson. I been playing this song since it came out, but i've been wingin it wrong. My band is going to cover this, and i just thought i'd take a lesson on a song i thought i knew inside and out, and realized my ear was off on a detail i caught in your lesson. Proves how valuable being willing to learn is. It will sound better your way on the power chords, like the record.

  57. Lack of Focus says:

    Super helpful. Cool song.

  58. Billy Darico says:

    Thank you for the great lesson !

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  60. Jack Kurtis Productions says:

    They should be demonetizing worthless shit like this

  61. Jim Masters says:

    Thank you…..👍👍👏👏✌️✌️

  62. David Higgins says:

    You got that BTO tone down for sure man. Thanks for the video!

  63. Wombat Lover says:

    Thank you Bobby!!!

    What an absolute classic!!!

  64. Jonathan Smith says:

    0:03, 0:37

  65. Jonathan Smith says:

    2:36, 5:11

  66. Gary Martin says:

    I think you have the best teaching method on Youtube. I know, I watch guitar training videos every day. So clear, so patient, so thorough even with text at the bottom of the video reflecting what you are saying. Awesome.

  67. mic jam says:

    Bobby, (or anybody) any input on amp settings for this?  stepped on a pedal at 2:29?

  68. Brett Pankhurst says:

    I love your guitar lessons man. you are a top noch guitar man tell ya

  69. Greg Leighton Alcock says:

    Nice, but actually pick up note (1st eighth) on each chord is the fourth.. Played as a fourth above fundamental.
    Next eighth is the fifth. So F/C G/C da da-da, Eb/Bb F/Bb da da-da, Bb/F C/F da da-da,
    F/C G/C da da-da

  70. GUITAR LESSONS - BobbyCrispy says:


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