Taylor Swift – Lover Remix Feat. Shawn Mendes (Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift – Lover Remix Feat. Shawn Mendes (Lyric Video)

100 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – Lover Remix Feat. Shawn Mendes (Lyric Video)”

  1. Elide Alencar says:

    Parabéns, nota dó.

  2. Marim says:

    Now I'm in love with this song all over again!

  3. Enea BrawlStars says:

    First time i've heard a song and it got in my heart . Man its been a while !

  4. Ricardo Bonilla says:


  5. Tahir Shahid says:

    Freeze the Content…..

  6. Marie X says:

    My 2 favorite singers in 1 song 😍😍

  7. JACE 30 says:

    This melts my heart so much when Shawn sing

  8. Emily An says:

    This song called me single in 17 languages

  9. Vicky Mazaya says:

    Taylor : I take this magnetic force a man to be my lover.
    Shawn : the girl in my story has always been you. I’d go Down with the Titanic, it’s true.

    Camilla : hey, hey, hey.. hold my senorita~

  10. 李駿騫 says:


  11. Deanna S says:

    I absolutely LOVE the remix! Stay strong Taylor.

  12. Nicolas Micro sim says:

    I feel like this song was meant to be single and only sang by Taylor Swift alone

  13. randomlyartsy 2.0 says:

    when i saw the style of the word "lover" it really melt me … its so cute and classic looking

  14. Berrak Mendes says:

    This friendship ❤

  15. Alfred Gjinollari says:

    T + h + a + n + k + s = Thanks = THANKS ! – FOR SUPER PERFORMANCE !

  16. Rafael Consuegra Gutiérrez says:

    Morí de Amor 💙♥️♥️

  17. Musical Commentary says:

    Nice stuff.

  18. Vanessa Moralis says:


  19. Priyal Deep says:

    This is the song that I didn't know I needed
    It's just so perfect!!!!
    Also can we just talk about how Shawn says 'lover'. I thought Taylor said it amazingly but Shawn's way of saying it literally gave me shivers.

  20. dancing flower says:

    I didn't think this song could get any better! I love Shawn but was a little afraid when I saw remix. Chillzzzzz!!💖😍 Shawn's 1st line, I gasped! My heart sank, goose bumps, & tears! Wow! INCREDIBLE 💖 This is THE BEST song since idk when! Falling in love creates beautiful art!💖

  21. ThePinkQueen04 says:

    come check mine out!!!

  22. Nourhan Hamdy says:

    It's way more better with Shawn involved ❤️

  23. Caio Muniz says:

    Gente que bonitinhos a paula Fernandes e luan Santana nesse feat

  24. ZOEY HOOVER says:

    Make this blue if you love Taylor!

  25. Bryan Awkwardson says:

    Great great song……sounds like something from the 1960s

  26. kim felarca says:


  27. That Cool Kid Chris says:

    She didn’t need him for a remix.

  28. redflavorbaby says:

    Oh yes i found my lover

    He still doesn't TT

  29. DayDay Ferguson says:

    Why Does The Beginning Sound Like “US” THE MOVIE😱😂 #Creepy

  30. Farris Jibrin says:

    This is so OMG❤🌹

  31. its paww says:

    Lovee taylor swift♥️♥️♥️♥️

  32. Julia War says:

    Oh gosh i want a LOVER so baad hahah

  33. Tage anki says:

    Ds Collab is 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  34. I love that for me! says:

    This is already such a beautiful song nd now adding may baby Shawn?! I'm dying, it's sooo beautiful!!!

  35. S OG says:

    I love you with my entire heart 😍

  36. Simeon Samuel says:

    I wànt mv vidéo of swift & mendes

  37. cavallo says:

    When the first lover version came out I was listening to it thinking of my best friend. We know each other for nearly fifteen years now and are best friends for over 10 years. And I always felt a lot more for him than I should have as just a friend.
    4 weeks ago it came out that he felt the same throughout all the years. I couldn’t be happier 💕
    We always missed the opportunity to tell each other in all these years because we were captured in our daily life and difficult relationships…
    But now this version with Shawn reminds me again of him, but now he truly is my lover 🥰
    And when I sent him the text of this remix he said the lines of Shawn singing “Look in my eyes they will tell you the truth, the girl in my story has always been you” nearly made him cry. (And he is a true and deep lover of metal music 🤟🏻)
    Thank you Taylor for putting our love story into a song. I can’t await to see you performing it live next year 🤩

  38. MysticCharm Sweet says:

    for who is this song ? dammm

  39. Emanoel Santos says:

    No. Only Taylor plz.

  40. Baking Ballerina says:

    I'm SCREAMING!!!!😱😍

  41. Cora Sian says:

    Me: looks at title
    properly reads title
    falls of sofa

  42. Lubaba Hassan says:

    Tahsan finally got a beard you guys

  43. Amelia Łącka says:

    this and beautiful ghosts are my everything

  44. Eszti Báling says:


  45. Eszti Báling says:

    But Taylor is kick this song (I know it's her song)

  46. Tassia Nascimento says:

    Awn 😍😍😍👌❤

  47. Vianna Rosado says:

    The way Shawn sings ‘Lover’


  48. Afeefa Taranum says:

    Subscribed because of shawn

  49. Mawk says:

    Everyone: This song reminds me of being single.
    Me: This songs reminds me of Candy Crush

  50. Vector Clubberlang! says:

    When you are single af!

  51. bre says:

    Shawn Mendez ❤️❤️❤️

  52. John Reyes says:

    Proof that Taylor’s vocal range and texture is so hard to match. Taylor just has that low that isn’t quite low but also a high that isn’t that high.

    Shawn’s range is all over the place here – kudos to Shawn for doing it well, but it must’ve been exhausting though!!

  53. I Love you says:

    I’m single but i still listen to this

  54. Eva cordova says:


  55. Eury Gray says:

    Freaking love this songggg gosh 💖

  56. Mabi Martínez says:

    Awww 😍😍😍

  57. Christian Richard says:

    Wait this slaps

  58. Cinthya Mondragon says:


  59. Pasqualino Luigi Gravante says:


  60. Chloe Huang says:

    Shawn Mendes + Selena Gomez just released a single that went trending for around 1 month and more + they are a ship
    Taylor Swift : “ I’m gonna steal home for myself 😉

  61. Kay Brownlee says:

    ♥U Tày- Tay
    From Kay-Kay💋
    In BAKO CA👏🗽🌹

  62. Trey Carter says:

    Taylor stay trying to copy everything Beyonce does. Beyonce did "Perfect" with Ed Sheeran. Taylor had to do this one with Shawn Mendez.

  63. Anna Black says:

    The best mix of voices, i am crying 😭❤

  64. Lucy Williams says:

    #iStandWithTaylor ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  65. Rodolfo Romero says:

    Energía equilibrio amor al prójimo matrix ideología transformándose
    Toda la humanidad somos importantes y nadie vale más este sistema impuesto por ideologías y prejuicios del dinero y el poder

  66. Sophia TAN says:


  67. Soumita Kundu says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG ❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 DAIMNNNNNN

  68. The Slimanators says:

    I love it!!!!!

  69. elias kasabdje says:


  70. Chelseee A says:

    Queen I Stan😔🚶‍♀️😭😭😭

  71. ndaapaz pt says:

    the most beautiful song of all 😍❤

  72. Klara Nichoń says:

    Camila in Señorita: Dont’t let me fall
    Shawn in lover: I won’t let you fall

  73. tj johnson says:

    Who else leaves there Christmas lights up til January:👇🏿

  74. Thamara Silva says:


  75. Vanessa Ribeiro says:

    Parece muito tema de filme, LINDA MUSICA❤

  76. Hailey Steinman says:

    I like the remix better than the original

  77. yumisan06 yolo says:

    My first reaction:

  78. Leah B says:

    Camila Cabello who

  79. maria isabel dionisio padilla says:

    now, this will my first wedding dance as husband and wife

  80. Mimi Paculanan says:

    When taylor said "We could leave the christmas lights up til january"
    filipinos felt that

  81. alfredo hernandez says:

    It so Nice song

  82. Anthony Mcmullen says:

    Love Tay Tay and Shawn ❤️❤️

  83. LovesDarkBlue says:

    Shawn’s vibrato got me pregnant

  84. Mari Helo says:

    Meu Deus ❣ Amei

  85. strxwberri cake says:

    so there's this guy that i like. he's gay,and he loves taylor. i've been a huge fan of taylor since i was 8-ish and when i found out that he loves taylor,i was like "mOm i'M mArRyInG hIm" but he's full on gay and i still think he's cutw wHy

  86. Homemade Italian Meatballs says:

    I've listened to this song so many times just to see if it grows on me, but nope. Imagine how a tired Lover stan I am.

  87. Wolf Genovese says:


  88. Madina Tolba says:

    Why i fell like i want to crying when i listen to that magecal song ✨✨✨💫🌟
    Love you Taylor from all in my heart ❤️

  89. Saher Odeh says:

    Intro sound like the candy crush soundtrack lol

  90. Anaaa Tuero says:

    I LOVEEEEEEE this songgggg, I NEED a videoclip of thissss!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  91. Shawn Mendes my poet says:

    Shawn I love you 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕SHAWNNNNN SHAWNNNNNN

  92. Mikayla McDougall says:

    When Shawn sings “hang on the wall” I literally got chills and tears came to my eyes😂❤️

  93. Lea Beckman says:

    This song gives me hope on future relationships

  94. hiro_ cosplays says:

    Camila gots competition 😂😂😂

  95. nicole olschewski says:

    i love this so much i tried to make a tik tok on this but i couldnt i was sad

  96. jungkookie 12 says:

    I'm definitely gonna play this song in ma wedding 💖💖 i love it

  97. rene massera says:

    Se ela tivesse lançado essa musica, ja com a participaçao do Shawn originalmente, ela teria etreado direto em #1 na bilboard

  98. Banaue says:

    The titanic part made me want to see titanic, but Rose and Jack are Shawn and Camila

    I'm so sorry

  99. They ruined my Social life says:

    the original of this is my favorite song by taylor so far

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