Teens React To Try To Keep Dancing Challenge
Teens React To Try To Keep Dancing Challenge

– Ah, my hair.
I can’t see. – You’re trolling me,
but you can’t stop me from my modern movements. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So Noah, do you like
to dance? – No, I don’t like to dance. – Sister, do I?
Oh my gosh, is this a dancing video? – (FBE) Today, we have
a challenge that might put that to the test.
– It doesn’t need to be tested. I’m bad. – (FBE) Today, you’re gonna be
taking part in a Try to Keep Dancing
Challenge. – All right, I can do this. – Is this considered dancing? – I’ve trained in jazz,
contemporary, ballet, and hip-hop,
and Afro-Caribbean. – (FBE) And since this is
a dance challenge, you’re gonna need
to stand up. – But this chair is so comfy,
guys. ♪ Land in Miami ♪ – Oh, I like this song.
I haven’t danced to it, ’cause it’s very new,
but it’s a good song. – Dude, what song is this?
Ah dude, this is gonna be– this is gonna be so bad.
I already just [bleep] lost. Dude, no.
(buzzer) – Is this a sprinkler?
I feel like it doesn’t go with the beat of the song,
but it’s okay. ♪ Sapphire moonlight ♪
– Oh my gosh. ♪ I love it when you
call me senorita ♪ – Not even the proper
song to it. I hate this song so much. – Ah, my hair.
I can’t see. – I wanna dance with
Shawn Mendes. That would change things for me. – Look at them.
If I had a partner, I could do that, too,
but I don’t, so it’s just me on my own. – This is all I know how to do,
just kinda little bit– kinda move my hands
a little bit. My feet stay in the same place.
They’re planted there. (buzzer) – Did I stop?
I don’t know. – (FBE) I think you might
have paused. – It’s just so uncomfy.
(buzzer) – Gotta keep going.
Not gonna stop. – Pauses are the hardest
to dance to because why would you dance
if there’s not music? – Yes, I love Lizzo.
♪ Turns out I’m 100% that bitch ♪ ♪ Even when I’m crying crazy
Yeah, I got boy problems ♪ ♪ That’s the human in me ♪ – (FBE) You aren’t dancing.
– Dude. I can’t do it, bro.
I just don’t know how to dance. (buzzer) ♪ Could have had a bad bitch ♪
– I love this song so much, but I feel like everyone does. – I love her so much.
I was literally listening to this the whole car ride up here. – At least this is good songs
to dance to. I was still dancing there.
I was still bopping. – This is what I do when
I listen to music is I just go–
I just do the head nod thing. – (FBE) That’s not dancing.
– This isn’t dancing though? (buzzer) ♪ Why men great
’til they gotta be great? ♪ ♪ Don’t text me
tell it straight to my face ♪ – ♪ Best friend sat me down in ♪
Okay, what else? I definitely lost.
That’s fine. (buzzer) ♪ Friend sat me down
in the salon chair ♪ ♪ Shampoo press
get you out of my hair ♪ – ♪ Fresh photo with the bomb ♪
There’s literally a lighting setup up here. ♪ New man on the
Minnesota Vikings ♪ – My earring fell out. – ♪ Bom bom bi dom
bi dum bum bay ♪ Oh, best one yet.
I don’t know how you’re gonna top it. – Should I pick it up?
– (FBE) Do you wanna dance down and get it?
– Yeah. I’m just like–
put it in my pocket. Everything’s fine.
I love her so much. – All right, I’m already
kinda out of breath. Good for my stamina.
Cardio-ing today. – I’ve never heard this song.
Oh no, I totally have. – Oh yes, let’s go.
I know every word to this song. ♪ Two plus two is four
minus one that’s three ♪ ♪ Quick maths ♪ – Actually, I go to school
in Scotland and when you go to the club,
they play this song every night and everyone
goes crazy. ♪ Two plus two is four
minus one, that’s three ♪ ♪ Quick maths ♪
– I can’t go wrong if I just try to do what they’re doing,
’cause that’s dancing. – This is gonna be a gif
somewhere, bro. – (FBE) You stopped.
– Ah, [bleep]. (buzzer) ♪ You man thought I froze
I see a peng girl, then I pose ♪ ♪ If she ain’t on it,
I ghost ♪ – I hate this song. ♪ Nose long like garden hose ♪
– You guys are the worst. I hate being awkward. ♪ The girl told me
take off your jacket ♪ ♪ I said, Babe,
man’s not hot ♪ – I’m just talking through this,
so I don’t have to think about what I’m doing.
I’m still talking? – (FBE) You’re supposed
to keep dancing. – Oh, I’m still dancing.
See, look. (buzzer) ♪ I said babe,
man’s not hot ♪ – These are weird dancing songs.
They’re very hip hop-y. Also, I’m ti–
wait. (buzzer) – I’ve never really heard
this song. I’ve only really heard the
skrrrahh, pap, pap. Keep going.
Keep, keep, keep going. – (Ross) Hello, I’m Bob Ross
and I’d like to welcome you to series 31 of the Joy
of Painting. – Bob Ross, let’s get down. – I hate you guys.
I do love me some Bob Ross, though. – No, you guys are so rude.
Drawing the canvas. Drawing the canvas. – This is not even a song, right?
He’s just painting. – Ooh, a little sap green.
We can paint our canvas. – Oh, sap green.
Cadmium yellow. – Yellow ochre?
That’s not a word. Indian yellow.
Racist. – Bob Ross is amazing.
I was watching his videos on Netflix and I found out
he died and I almost started crying. – Gotta keep going.
Can’t stop. Don’t care with this curly hair.
Man has to stay. – Um, [bleep]
That’s not good either. (buzzer) – (Ross) Just little crisscross
strokes. – Oh, he’s got a little bit
of a beat going there, actually, when he goes, ts, ts, ts, ts. – Oh yeah, I can hit
the default dance. I’ll just do that one again
one more time. And then–
oh, I made it. – (FBE) You remember when
I was saying you’re supposed to still dance
throughout the pauses? – Dude, you didn’t say that.
No way. (buzzer) – I’m pretty proud of myself.
I thought I would stop by now. – I’m sweaty already
and I’m out of breath, but I’m not losing this. – (knife scraping) – It’s frozen.
– (FBE) No, it’s not. – (knife scraping) – It’s–
I’m so sorry, bro. (buzzer) – Ah, I hate you guys.
– (knife scraping) – It’s kind of a good beat, though. – Oh my God.
I thought these were all gonna be songs. – Oh yeah.
Oh yeah. – (knife scraping)
– This isn’t killing me in the inside. – Ew, this always gives me
anxiety. – (FBE) I think you might
have stopped. You’re not dancing.
– What? – (FBE) You’re not dancing.
– Oh no. You’re right.
(buzzer) – Okay, this kinda slaps
a little bit. Not gonna lie. – (clapping)
Try to find the offbeat. There’s no beats.
(buzzer) – I don’t even know
what to do. Just ha, ha, ha. – This is the worst sound.
This makes me wanna explode. – They cooking.
They cooking in the labs these days and the beats.
It’s just– I mean, come on.
This is just– I’m just too good
for you guys. (buzzer) – Sing it louder.
Sing it, baby. – (FBE) You stopped.
– Oh my God. I literally–
It’s just the– me failing at literally
every song. (buzzer) – That one was rough,
very rough. Oh my gosh.
I hated that. – (FBE) Don’t worry,
we still got more. – Oh, good.
I’m so glad. Thank you so much. – (Ross) So, I’ve added
a little white. – Again with the Bob Ross? – Yes, back to my boy. – Oh my God, again.
Bob Ross, verse two. Let’s go get it.
Get it, yeah. – I aspire to have this
energy of peace. – (Ross) Painting is a very
individual thing. – Dancing is a very
individual thing. – Yeah, let’s make some
fluffy little clouds. – (Ross) That’s the way
you should paint it. – You need to just
give me time, bro, ’cause I don’t know
any dances. You need to give me
ten seconds before each video so I can
think of some. (buzzer) – ♪ (singing the Nutcracker) ♪ – Ah. – (Ross) The liquid whites
on the canvas, you can literally move color.
– I feel like I’m more just jogging in place
than actually dancing, ’cause I’m scared to stop
moving my feet. – Why am I able to dance
through non-songs, but when it comes to songs,
my brain is just like, uh. – What’s next?
I’m scared. Hope it’s good.
Oh my God, you monsters. I have to literally dance
to this? – This is so messed up. – Get nae-naed my guy.
– (Simba) You gotta get up. – Get up. – (Simba) Dad,
we gotta go home. – I hate the Lion King,
’cause this scene makes me so emotional. – All right, dude.
I can default dance to this fool dying
and then we can… – He’s dead.
He’s dead. He’s really dead.
He’s just not– nobody’s helping him.
Nobody’s helping you. (buzzer) – He’s dead.
Rest in peace. Rest in peace, rest in peace,
rest in peace. Baby Simba,
gonna be a king soon. – Cool.
Just a little sad turn-up. – Get down.
Does the background music kinda slap, though? – You guys really hit us
with dance music at first and now you’re just
messing around. – I’m not stopping. – Are you guys done yet?
– (FBE) Got one last video. – Yes, okay.
Let’s go! – (Ross) Right around here. – More Bob Ross.
Are you kidding me? This is kinda good,
’cause to this one, I can kinda just chill out
and just be weird. – You’re trolling me,
but you can’t stop me from my modern movements. – (Ross) Pull down a little
touch of reflection. – Man, you guys really didn’t
know how much you were helping me with this
Bob Ross. You guys thought you were
being slick. I love Bob Ross. – I can do the jerk.
Not on this carpet, though. – (Ross) An indication of
a little waterline here and there. Sort of bring it all together. – Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, Vogue time. – I wish I can paint like that.
I just punched my arm and it hurts so bad.
Ow. – (Ross) Really hope you’ve
enjoyed this. – I really did enjoy it.
It was great. – (Ross) God bless,
my friend. – I watch him to go to sleep,
so how am I supposed to dance to that? – Now when it’s just me
in a room, I have a realization now
like, “Wow, I can’t dance.” But you know what?
I got other skills. – Is it done?
– (FBE) You won. – Yes!
Okay, thank you so much. – Yes, I’m so proud of myself. – If I lose, I could
get made fun of for losing, but I’m also gonna get
made fun of for dancing. I’d rather get made fun of
for dancing than losing. – I would like to thank
my awkward long limbs and years of being bad
in show choir. – Yes!
All right. – (FBE) How was that?
– Hard. I need some water. – Thanks for watching this
episode of Teens React. – Big shoutout to Alpha Shin
and Vlog Sisters for watching this week. – Wanna see more Try Tos?
Then hit the Subscribe button. – Goodbye. – Hey everyone, Lauren,
producer here at FBE. Thanks for watching this
episode of Teens React. If you wanna check out
more episodes across all the generations,
we have plenty. Just check out the links
in the description. Bye, everyone.

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