The BBQ Song - Rhett & Link
The BBQ Song – Rhett & Link

Oh in the man lived a disease they like a smooth sauce put over there in old Memphis a driver river can't pick up your mind you can get sweet or spicy and they'll say that tastes alright and you might think us out Carolinians are just a little bit off would you leave their barbecue yellow with a mustard sauce pork shoulder is another choice if it's a busy city and a Friday sales on barbecue let's go to a vinegary and Louisiana damn cage they like to spice it up I like spicy this is already barbecue in the southern United States and with my history prepare me barbecue make sure it's vinegar bays and you know that slows the game and this is our from our home state of North Carolina but Indian mistook it as a planter named pushy but interested a slide for five is what theyíve Arkansas paddle at Georgia a barbecue Mills upon when you ain't lookin and good ol boys so make the story keep on a demands got the Train is thing I seen in the barbecue days and their barbecue salt is mine made out of may your name and now it is is where the ball goes to your roll free love is gold and risk it's a big ol slab this is a ringing a barbecue in 79 days and when my life is through marry me and barbecue people not from the south ain't barbecue means cookout and that's something they're wrong about barbecue it's not ever a barbecue is not a grill barbecue this meat prepared in a very special way which varies depending on where you go that was our review a barbecue yeah

34 thoughts on “The BBQ Song – Rhett & Link”

  1. Breyer Music Videos says:

    My family's from Florida….but strangely southern….

  2. giggityguy says:

    I learned more about barbecue from this song than my 26 years in North Carolina

  3. wonder why says:

    Rhett and link are awesome, but they forget something about BBQ… It NOT enjoyed by vegans.

  4. Justine S. Harrison says:

    alka seltzer, zantac & tums …need all 3

  5. Troy Adams says:

    Can we get an f for two country boys lost

  6. Spike E Bear says:

    I was there, 11 years ago when issildur had the one chance to tell them to make more of these in 10 years, but the strength of men failed

  7. Install Team says:

    You guys please come to California for some trip tip, bbq chicken & don't get mad but… burgers.

  8. Bridget Hildebrand says:

    The shape of Florida was California

  9. Diskenn554 says:

    Couldn’t find a single “like if you’re watching this in 2019, 2018, 2017, etc.” I feel really lonely here 🙁

  10. michaelinraleigh says:

    I went to Bullocks in Durham for you two recently.

  11. Give Lasaga says:

    This makes me proud to be from North Carolina

  12. John Bravehawk says:

    Jethro tull really let themselves go.

  13. Minnie Smith says:

    I was two when this song was released ! I feel old idk why

  14. Joe Bennett says:

    Watching in 2019 anyone?

  15. Chris Yeazel says:


  16. L ‘-‘ says:

    I still love this song

  17. A Human says:

    And down in Florida…
    shows picture of California

  18. Lightning Gamer MC and more! says:

    im triggered they did florida as california and they didnt even do the bbq in florida even tho its super southern

  19. Gillian Yee says:

    Come on guys, Virginia's a southern state too😢

  20. Grant Mayberry says:

    R.I.P Oklahoma. Not even a mention.

  21. Redstone Creator says:

    The Florida photo is California

  22. The Craftfather says:

    Go North Kakalaki! That’s my home state, too!

  23. JuniorPlays05 says:

    They need to learn geography

  24. Shannon M. says:

    I'm from Alabama and I've never seen barbeque with white sauce on it.  And no, Florida doesn't count as a Southern state…but it ain't shaped like California either.

  25. Taylor Gibson says:

    I like sweet and spicey mixed together.

  26. pineapplepissant says:

    Live in bama. Never seen mayo bbq sauce

  27. Bridget Hildebrand says:

    2:27 but isnt that California?

  28. Emily VanEcko says:

    I just want to say thank you

  29. ShaggyCheekWoodWorks says:

    Why is Virginia listed as Kentucky?

  30. Mister Piggy says:

    The ending is so satisfying and relaxing

  31. Skylar Tran says:

    Guys. Pork butt is pork shoulder

  32. chronique86 says:

    Music A-
    Geography F+
    Kentucky is not Virginia. CA is not Florida.

  33. Misty Lovejoy says:

    what about west virginia????

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