THE DANCER Official Trailer (2017) Lily-Rose Depp, Biograhy Movie HD
THE DANCER Official Trailer (2017) Lily-Rose Depp, Biograhy Movie HD

This is my daughter. And one day… she’ll be the greatest artist in the world. What do you think of Loie? Could be my stage name for my dance. Your dance. The magnificent Loie. Forgive me, son. That one is not for you. She’s, erm… Standoffish. Let’s drive. I’m looking for Miss Loie Fuller. This is my dance, take it off!

66 thoughts on “THE DANCER Official Trailer (2017) Lily-Rose Depp, Biograhy Movie HD”

  1. Edward Creter says:

    "We need beauty."
    Then why the hell can't we get rid of Johnny Depp's daughter? WTF does she think she can turn anyone on with dance moves? America, do the right thing: avoid this one if at all possible! It will only feed Johnny Depp drug money!

  2. Anal Krapstain says:

    Another talentless twit who got their job because of daddy.

  3. Shannon Wilson says:

    Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope just so much nope, we do not need another talentless depp and family actor

  4. Joe Smith says:

    Black Swan in the 19th century.

  5. Arias Mathew says:

    I am really not want to see this movie..

  6. Bertha Lovejoy says:

    looks like every other mumblecore pretentious french movie…pass!

  7. Yumi Hamasaki says:

    I didn't know young Hannibal invested in theatre XD

  8. Limerence says:

    She deserves a chance!

  9. Celestunia says:

    aw yeah this looks great

  10. Laurine LLW says:

    I see people complaining because of Depp's daughter, but it doesn't mean the movie is bad. Actually, I'm French and it had a lot of success (and let me tell you that most of the French movies aren't the best, we mostly do funny movies that are pretty good), I went to see it thinking the story was going to be about Isadora at one point, but actually, she wasn't there for a super long time. The most interesting parts are seeing how Loïe mastered her show and created this marvelous dance by using lights. She is one of the first people who used it that much for scenography! I swear it's an amazing movie, and I liked the fact that they chose bilingual actors/actresses, it really gives a more realistic impression to the whole movie!

  11. Mara Rose says:

    Why so much fucking hate? I find Lily so cinematic, beautiful and special. It pleases me to see her on the screen and not because she's Jhonny's daugther

  12. Winona Wu says:

    Shut up ppl before you see her performance.

  13. Karma .Bitch says:


  14. heba gamal says:

    Another depp's and Vanessa's shot!

  15. Leah Evans says:

    Would love to see this in the USA

  16. Iman Combs says:

    What’s the name of the song in this trailer?

  17. Shaddic D says:

    god bless soko

  18. Lucero Curiñaupa Vilchez says:

    This movie looks so cool! I wanna watch it so bad!! Soko, Lily and Gaspard! <3 a perfect combo! :3

  19. MoonShadowz says:

    What the hell has everyone gone crazy on here?? What is all this hate for Lily-Rose Depp for? because her father lost his mind?? what the hell

  20. Indira Mandari says:

    Is it gonna be about isadora duncan?

  21. Spencer Frank Clayton says:

    Lily-Rose looks like her dad and it's awesome!

  22. Van essa says:

    Reminds me of black swan

  23. Sara Roberts says:

    I hope this is out nationwide. I'm excited to see Lily Rose's career flurish!

  24. Belief is Ghost says:

    I think she's probably gonna end up being a big star (Depp, I mean)

  25. tommystourettes says:

    Didn't expect to see titty in this advert. whoops

  26. All Harlow's Eve says:

    Soko yes!

  27. Elena lockett says:

    Seems similar to black swan

  28. Kimberly George says:

    Divine ✨

  29. MissStoryTelling says:

    I lost my shit the moment colored lights were mentioned into the performance and saw the outfit, of course it would be about Loie Fuller!! And I’m mad that I didn’t know this film existed until now!!!

  30. MenAreTrash ExceptNamjoon says:

    Just because Johnny Depp is a piece of shit doesn't mean his daughter is

  31. Jo Lisa Dukarić says:

    Nope. Firstly because nepotism, second because these models who cross-over into actors really grate my tits.

  32. Sarah Landram says:

    This looks like all about eve

  33. Mimi Mercedez says:

    She is amazing like her father ❤️

  34. Bᴇᴀsᴛʏ says:

    1:46 was that a tittie

  35. H S says:

    Gaspard 😍😍😍

  36. Mischa says:

    ill watch this movie for sure!

  37. triskut says:

    OHHHH that was Soko…I thought so

  38. Φωτεινή Μαυρίδη says:

    I saw this yestarday..its really good

  39. Celia Benson says:

    BOI NA

  40. Snow Flake says:

    I can't stand this lil bIcH, depp's daughter. I wanna punch her right in the face!

  41. ᴊ. ɢ says:

    Lily looks so much like her dad, she's so pretty and there's me looking like a sack of potatoes

  42. Shahad alshammri says:

    so excited 😍😍

  43. Snsd Taeny says:

    Soko saved it. Soko is the best.

  44. Becky B and Jesus says:

    Keep thinking she is Lily James….uncanny! Keeps tricking me

  45. es el says:

    She is great!

  46. Julia Dostoyevska says:

    Is this inspired by isadora duncan?

  47. montana Moore says:

    Lily rose almost died when she was Younger, Dont hate on People, you dont even know..

  48. Brooke S says:

    I know this is youtube and all but uh…why was there nudity in a trailer?

  49. Oana-Maria Uliu says:

    Soko is amazing in this film. The best film I've seen in 15 years. It's a matter of taste, of course.

  50. Sumaya Paruk says:

    Excellent cinematography!

  51. Sancler Santander says:

    don't be overawed, indeed…

  52. David Boson says:

    Culture costs a lot of money

  53. Catherine Devlin says:

    Haven’t seen this movie yet but looking forward to seeing this .

  54. Ivy Hoss says:

    Does anyone else think Lily-Rose kind of looks like Annasophia Robb?

  55. vidella Delveen says:

    why say anything about people u don't know lol like I hate that she's an actor cause her daddy was when people end up like that Im not going to lie it does annoy me since well lets face it it does give people them a little more advantage to get parts because it is who u know but Im not here to say stuff about people I have never meant after all how could I.

  56. Indiegirl007 says:

    Huh. Looks pretty good!

  57. Carlotta Vigna says:

    I see a number of Russian bots are here taking a dump on Lily Rose because she's Johnny Depp's daughter. Don't fall prey to them. They are here just to cause dissention and make us fight with each other. We are better than that. Go see the movie with an open mind and then make an assessment. As far as I can see, she is a good actress and model and deserves to be able to live her life independent of any opinion you might have of her dad.

  58. elina gouva says:

    Can I watch this film online for free??

  59. Jennifer H. says:

    So who's biography is it?

  60. Kendrick says:

    All these comments are about Lily and I’m over here like…Gaspard??😍

  61. Hyoyeons Blondehair says:

    Lily has always been amazing. So proud of her.

  62. lemon_ says:

    um is nobody else recodnizing not only lily but SOKO

  63. boscoitalics says:

    It looks good.i didn't even clue in shes Johnny Depp s daughter

  64. Maja Lind says:

    Soko 💖😍

  65. Ashley Samuel says:

    Omg Soko's acting is so good love her

  66. gu goop says:

    So so PROUD OF LILLY! 5ft 3 AND IS A FASHION MODEL THAT ROCKS THE INDUSTRY. they should take petite girls. Most average height is 5ft3 to 5ft6. Most people are not TALL

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