The Incredible Talking Piano
The Incredible Talking Piano

100 thoughts on “The Incredible Talking Piano”

  1. Wallace_ says:

    Se eu vejo uma merda dessa falando sozinha em casa eu quebro todo

  2. Practical Piano Technique says:

    Ok… that's AWESOME

  3. tommy ronco says:

    Vinethiro talk omg

  4. Miguel Camacho says:


  5. activate J says:

    ??really not a joking how can do that? edit video???

  6. bobafruti says:

    I was curious what this would sound like on a real piano, and it’s awesome!

  7. Александр Барков says:

    Cool! But I think the human voice was also layered under piano’s voice.

  8. Julio Ortiz says:

    You so handsome

  9. Data Wargaming says:

    Stephen hawking? You a piano now?

  10. domsonicPL says:

    Just convert the recorded voice to MIDI

  11. Brian H says:

    Well that caught me off guard

  12. Dário Garcia says:


  13. Madara Uchiha. says:

    Oh my gosh

  14. GC Epic says:

    Awesome man i’ll tell you one thing I won’t forget it😄!

  15. Annie - Regi says:

    What is more impressing?

    Vinheteiro Talking and smiling

    Or Piano talking?

  16. THXFORINFO says:

    Vinheteiro dont talk in Videos. Silent do you cool

  17. Music Time says:

    1:31 Song name pls?

  18. realdip says:

    Excluding his speaking and smiling, he takes on shorts and t-shirt!

  19. SoulKiss says:

    at first i didnt understand the piano then later my ears recognize it. i remember yanny n laurel

  20. Dat Tall Audiophile says:


  21. Кенгуру из Австралии says:

    Он умеет говорить?

  22. Robert Polson says:

    то чувство когда у пианино произношение лучше чем у меня

  23. Ren Hood says:

    Voice reveal!

  24. Brayden Chou-lee says:

    Wait. He talks?

  25. ModernMars 47 says:

    I've been looking for these like a talking piano with keys it's just so cool

  26. chris says:

    gasps IMPOSTER

  27. Василий Алексеевич Рубцов says:

    А на русском языке ?

  28. Yoo_Crane Animator and Gamer says:

    This is a first video, where Vinheteiro smiled! And russian joke and "langboom" for Englishmans: "Пиано пьяно?"

  29. Cmdr Ratzass says:

    I can hear the piano talking as long as I know what it is supposed to be saying, but without the subtitles it might as well be a bunch of children randomly smashing the keyboard.

  30. karhunt401 says:

    He, h he hee he, HE TALKED

  31. Evgeniy Tapyev says:

    The piano controlled by Babbage Analythical Engine.

  32. Арслан Шамсутдинов says:

    very similar to the intonation of GladOS

  33. Ena Foshay says:

    He is British and English!

  34. TheOneWhoChernobul says:

    Thank you Satan,Now I know where I study to play the panino

  35. Jolie K says:

    why does te piano have an indian accent? is it just me?! Lol

    super cool!

  36. Luke King-kong says:

    1:54 he can smile

  37. Math & Phys says:

    Он умеет разговаривать!!!

  38. Terence Wu says:


  39. Ł05ing 50mə7hing says:

    He can smile

  40. Banana Battle Bean says:

    "And in case you dont like it," I honestly feel bad you had to say that, anyone who doesnt like it is wrong.

  41. Quasi Perfetto Synthesia says:

    The best ad I have ever seen

  42. Tristan Blackwell says:

    his piano isnt actually making the sound… its him on some autotune thing…

  43. Florian Popescu says:

    I have a question for those who bought the course, because I also want to start studying piano. Is the course good? Is worth it? Pls reply.

  44. Pablo Guerra says:

    Deem um prêmio para este homem, O Rei da Auto-divulgação.

  45. Destination Unknown says:

    People in pre 2000: We're going to have flying cars in 2019.
    2019: Talking piano
    People in pre 2000: Nevermind, this is much better.

  46. anet cz says:

    Jsi čech nebo američa??

  47. Tom Aleq says:

    do pianos talk???😟😖😟

  48. ZynifiX says:


  49. Yeah, Never gonna catch me says:

    He kinda sounds like anomaly

  50. shinzon k says:

    Its hard to find a good English-speaking piano these days

  51. Xogb402 says:

    It talks more than you lmao

  52. Mile Mazneski says:

    1:33 song nameee plssss

  53. Mile Mazneski says:

    1:33 songgg someonee3e name

  54. Zinx AaronchoYT says:

    Imagine this in a horror movie

  55. majestic-ified shark says:

    What the heck i thought the piano was making random noises to the sub titles but that last 25 secs i relized they ut actually sounded like the words!

  56. Foxboy106 says:

    That piano just scared the fuck outta me

  57. Gush 35z says:

    It would be a lot more shocking if I already didn’t know this trick

  58. Jiří Hofman says:

    Its cool but i can do it too. I will talk to the microphone and the audio convert to MIDI. This piano can play in its own so put there your MIDI.

  59. Giorgio Polizzi says:

    Idk why this reminds me of the chef tony advertisement..

  60. Gabri Gabri says:

    How does the tqlking piano work ? Is there a specific program for it to work ?

  61. SilVídeo says:

    Ja,ja,ja,ja,ja!!! Genial

  62. reynold diaz says:


  63. Tristan Angelo Bernardo says:

    I play the song suceedly vihenteiro play

  64. Inola Setiawan says:

    First time I have seen this guy to talk after videos of being stared into my soul

  65. Hype Hooligan says:

    What's the song in 1:31

  66. Uber Cow says:

    Holy shit He has spoken

  67. João Vitor Da silva Rocha says:


  68. Milø says:

    You can import midi into your piano? That’s dope but completely useless lol

  69. Janna Arnott says:

    Where is he from? His accent sounds very unique.

  70. Ramsés O.L. says:

    Wow, i'm scared

  71. I'M A YEET YEET IT YEET says:


  72. Brandon Shaw says:

    Is this the same as a talking guitar

  73. John Savard says:

    I am glad to hear that Vinheteiro did speak once before his unfortunate accident with his hand, and I hope he recovers quickly.

  74. Rammick Solis says:

    I'm selling antique piano for only $20
    Issue: playing alone

  75. Arturo Beaumont says:

    Vinheteiro talking vs piano talking

  76. ZeloticMemes says:

    its an iLluSiOn if you dont look at the video you wont understand it

  77. GamingTv says:

    Oh god that moment when you realise its actually talking

  78. Rebekah Hesketh says:

    I wish there was a "laugh" button for this! 😂

  79. Full House Studios Music says:

    he can move his speaking body part apparatus upward and then downward. HE DEFIED THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!!!

  80. UltiMate says:

    Finally i know how to spell vinheteiro!!!!!

  81. Aj's music says:

    im more impressed with vinheteiro talking lol*

  82. Andrew Clarke says:


  83. Andrew Clarke says:

    Imagine how this in a horror movie

  84. The YouTube Gamer says:


  85. pippo spano says:

    this piano spells "Vinheteiro" eerily right

  86. Ali Strozzi says:

    Stop playing this song!

  87. Xx Black _ Foxy Devil playz Xx says:

    Omg he can talk !!!!

  88. Virtual JG says:

    It’s just an audio illusion. Combine the right sounds and your mind tries to fill in the gaps

  89. foundatlantis says:

    holy shit that scared the fuck out of me lmao

  90. RyanGMZ says:

    Why does it sound Nigerian.



  92. Joseph Kenneth Manzano says:

    Ah finally! I am watching a video of Vinheitero that doesn't watch me throughout the video

  93. Ali Strozzi says:

    1:55 Good music, good piano

  94. Supaporn Charoenporn says:

    I DO STUDY THE PIANO but I used SimplyPiano

  95. TechyWolf says:

    Play this


  96. WerstInternetUser says:

    Which do you like better
    Like: Vinheteiro talking
    Comment: Piano talking

  97. din sn says:

    Vc é um merchamein meismu hein…

  98. 1obvioususer says:

    Alexa X
    Google X
    Siri X

    Talking piano ✅

  99. Rexbooster 18 says:

    Dang he seems so soulless in other vids but when talking he has a lot of enthusiasm

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