Let’s say you live in Boston, and your friend tells you he heard a sound all the way from New York. You’d think he was crazy, right? Now, imagine that instead, he claimed the sound came all the way from Dublin, Ireland. Impossible? Let’s go back in time to August 27th, 1883. The people of Java and Sumatra were going about their daily lives that particular morning, when the island of Krakatoa let out a sound louder than any we’ve heard since. The Great Volcano of Krakatoa had just erupted with a force so powerful, it blasted the island apart. The plume of smoke the blowed from the mountain reached a height of 17 miles into the atmosphere, according to a geologist who witnessed the event The gas, rock, and ash thrust from the volcano at more than twice the speed of sound– over 1,600 miles per hour. The blast created a tsunami with towering waves over 100 feet high– which obliterated 165 coastal villages (MLG air horn plays). The death toll from this tsunami is estimated to have been anywhere from 36,000 to 120,000 people. So, just how loud was this earth-shattering explosion? Let’s start with a report from the British ship Norham Castle, which was just 40 miles from Krakatoa when it blew. The captain wrote in his log: “So violent are the explosions that the eardrums of over half my crew have been shattered. My last thoughts are with my dear wife. I am convinced that the day of judgement has come.” Moving further from ground zero, a barometer at the Batavia Gasworks, 100 miles from Krakatoa, registered the spike in pressure at 2.5 inches of mercury. That means that a 100 miles from the source, the sound registered at an ear-shattering 172 decibels (dB). To put that in perspective, a jackhammer operator is subjected to 100 decibels. The human threshold for pain is 130 decibels. Standing right behind a jet engine is an incredible 150 decibels. Every 10 decibel increase is generally felt to sound twice as loud. 172 decibels is pushing the limit of what can actually be discerned as sound. At ground zero, the noise from the blast was well over 200 decibels, producing a shockwave equivalent to a 200 megaton nuclear blast. That’s about 13,000 times the yield of the atomic bomb that devastated Hiroshima, or 4 times the yield of the Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear device ever detonated. This sound was heard as far away as Australia, over 2,100 miles away. Past the 3,000 mile mark, the sound was too quiet for human ears, but was detected by barometers all over the globe. Almost 7 hours after the blast, a spike of air pressure was detected in Calcutta, where Mother Theresa would eventually do her work. An hour later, the pulse had reached Mauritius in the west and Sydney in the east. At 12 hours after the eruption, the pulse was detected in St. Petersburg, followed by Rome, Paris, Berlin, and Munich. At 18 hours, New York, Washington, DC, and Toronto, and it didn’t stop there. These sound waves were detected for the next 5 days, recurring like clockwork every 34 hours, roughly the amount of time it takes sound to travel around the entire planet. By the time it was all over, the pressure waves from the mighty volcano had circled the globe three to four times in every direction. At each pass, on tidal stations around the world, people recorded a rise in ocean waves concurrent with the pulse, something that had never been seen before. All told, the sound from Krakatoa was heard by people in over 50 geographical locations, spanning an area of 1/13th of the entire globe. The blast that destroyed the island is the loudest sound, heard over the largest distance, ever recorded. Considering the effects of such a monumental explosion, from tsunamis, to shockwaves, surpassing the biggest nuclear weapons, to the cloud of ash that lowered the earth’s temperature for several years, let’s hope the Krakatoa holds on to its title. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to keep up to date with the latest content. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video. Subtitles by SwiftenCrafter.


  1. Flux Music Group says:

    Actually every 6 decibels is twice as loud as the previous number, not 10

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    My country is freaking dengerous

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    The loudest sound in history is when you boot up Garry's Mod and join a Ragdoll Combat server, trust me, its absolute hell there

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    Krakatoa be like: lmao trolled

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    but thats on my birthday…

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    i muted my video to 0 volume err, my pc noise b4 opening video im afraid to open but even so sometimes pc plays sounds like in winamp

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    That's a big boi.

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    Krakatoa: “I may not have a face, or any discernible features, but that was a good eruption. Nobody can top that.”
    THX audio: ”Heeeeyyyy bitches!”

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    A atom bomb

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    No the loudest sound ever is when the bass drops

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    The first recorded earrape.

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    Anak krakatoa = krakatoa child

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    this is wrong this is the 2nd loudest that was "recorded" the loudest sound ever was when the metor wiped out all the dinosaurs.

  19. Magnus Carlsen says:

    loudest sound ever is

    dropping the toilet sit

  20. Modular Thanos says:

    Krakatoa was 312dB at ground zero

  21. Modular Thanos says:

    If Krakatoa was that loud, imagine Yellowstone

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    The first earrape

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    I am in Boston… and I went to New York

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    The loudest sound when i step on a bee

  30. Nathan Fugate says:

    Wrong. That sound was actually heard by human ears 3,000 nm away on the Rodriguez Island as "the distant rumble of cannon".
    Also, what circled the earth seven times was a pressure wave in the atmosphere, not audible but detectible by instruments. Get it straight!

  31. Pineapple Tv says:

    Wow… and here I thought it was loud when a ballon pops…

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    The loudest sound in the world is when you forget to open your microwave and it goes off in the middle of the night.

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    LOL! i am in indonesia, it was CRAZY!!!

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    You can find the real sound in yt.

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    Hope so …
    The remnants of what once was Krakatoa is brewing up.

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    loudest thing is bruh sound effect #2

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    I think my teacher gave this video about half of the views.
    He kept forgetting that he had shown it before, and whenever we told him, he just said "Ah whatever it's only 3 minutes long."

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    The loudest sound is my PS4

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    Damn bro that journal passage gave me goosebumps loll

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    ini baru krakatau , cemana kalo gunung toba

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    What kind of Technology would have existed in 1883 to record that sound to begin with?

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    Oi I was born in Calcutta

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    Some Loudest Thing Is The God Sound

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    I thought it was Krakatoa

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    12/22/2018 Its Alive🌋

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    Well , the second one is going to explode pretty soon.. the volcano is on stage 3 right now.

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    Loudsest sound is when you stand on a piece of Lego

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    Everyone knows nothing is louder than the microwave beep at 3am

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    Krakatoa Child : Just watch me Mom that tiltle soon will be mine

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    The noise should have just been the THX opening

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    The Krakatoa is 3 volcanos!

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    Imagine being a sailorman around that island, their head must've blown up!

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    And I thought it was sneezing at 6am when everyone was asleep

  59. Derek Wall says:

    the blast that Krakatoa let loose was estimated around 320 decibels, just remember that after 195-200 decibels sound is no longer sound. it becomes a shockwave

  60. Glitzy the fortnite player 2 says:

    My birthday it happened on but also 135 years ago lol

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    Coming here After seeing
    'The Quietest Places on Earth' Video.
    Good luck to me I guess.

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    when a video is really quiet so you have to turn the sound all the way up but then you get a windows notification

  63. TheRealDownbubbles2 says:

    Krakatoa: I hold the title for loudest sound in history!!

    Yellowstone Volcano: hold my beer

  64. hasan bassari says:

    my great grandma said that her family's previous village was 60-70 miles from the islands yet the sound is so loud that her uncle died from heart attack,the pregnant village head wife miscarried and the prayer on mosque scattered from the mosque thinking that dutchs were bombing their place and also she noticed the clouds were like cutted and unusually thin

  65. Pink Bliss says:

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    Space: I have an Apophis.
    Earth: I have a Krakatoa.

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    “I am convinced the day of judgment has come” you best believe i wouldve thought the same thing. A land splitting explosion heard around the world….multiple times… My mind cant grasp that.

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    Is anyone else interested in hearing the sound

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    August 27th that’s the day after my birthday

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    Let's hope Yellowstone doesn't happen the sound would be much much worse on top of the other catastrophes

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    the loudest sound is your mom walking

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    when you live in Dublin Ireland

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    Wrong loudest sound is making popcorn at 3 am in the microwave

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    That was alot of crazy facts to take in

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    Lets hope it holds on to its title
    Yellowstone Volcano
    "Hold my Beer"

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    How TF is a volcano more powerful than tsar Bomba

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    Still not as loud as my microwave at 2AM

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    Im from sumatra

  84. ACHMAD NAJI says:

    I am an Indonesian citizen, and now I live with my family not far from Mount Krakatoa, indeed in 1883 he erupted and took out all his vulcanic larvae and ashes, but the problem now is the emergence of an active krakatoa junior and growing at least 5cm every year

  85. Victor Zamarripa says:

    Buen trabajo chavalon

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    The loudest sound is squeaky sneakers

  87. Kenneth Ross says:

    200dB? A slight problem with that number: according to the laws of physics the theoretical maximum our atmosphere can carry is 194dB. Sure the shock wave likely stayed at 194dB for several miles away from Krakatoa but the air can't carry 200dB.

  88. zigzag_777th_curvature never_straight_ says:

    3:11 Look at that little volcano! "Hi! I'm going to kill you, your children, and your children's children. God I wanna erupt right fkng now! Bluhululublubulublulu!"

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    My Country.

  90. Qistan Aushaf says:

    Sorry, but according to media, the shockwave is variated, someone said it was 200 dB, 240 dB, and the biggest one is 310 dB, and everyone in 10 miles from krakatoa, instantly deaf at the same time when krakatoa erupted

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    The loudest sound in the history of the universe is Windows XP’s earrape

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    Video:loudest sound in the world
    Comenters: THX

  93. Box Pop says:

    me:tsunami with sunglasses using a gun

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    Thx: Am I a Joke to you

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    Wrong, loudest sound in the world is the Cock and ball torture (The full experience) video

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    over 300db actually.

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    wouldn’t be loud if they put on some air-pods

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