The Skeleton Dance | Halloween Song for Kids | Super Simple Songs
The Skeleton Dance | Halloween Song for Kids | Super Simple Songs

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Doin’ the skeleton dance The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone Doin’ the skeleton dance The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone The hip bone’s connected to the backbone The backbone’s connected to the neck bone Doin’ the skeleton dance Shake your hands to the left Shake your hands to the right Put your hands in the air Put your hands out of sight Shake your hands to the left Shake your hands to the right Put your hands in the air Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle …wiggle your knees Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones Doin’ the skeleton dance

97 thoughts on “The Skeleton Dance | Halloween Song for Kids | Super Simple Songs”

  1. Rita Guedes says:

    que fofo

  2. Callacat123 says:

    We've been talking about bones and bodies all week in my preschool class, I wish I would have seen this Monday! Haha

  3. Koka Koka says:

    Song beybe love

  4. estefanie castro chalas says:

    biutiful very goog

  5. estefanie castro chalas says:

    bye 😘😘😘😘

  6. Viking Cow says:

    I like that. is a video for Kids and very simple so I have give it a like

  7. Sandra Rodriguez says:

    my kids love this song and wiggle wiggle wiggle ….

  8. Monica la divertida says:


  9. samiksha sharma says:


  10. Avventure In bianco e nero says:

    Beautiful song very good

  11. Sukma Anjayani says:


  12. Irma Catovic says:

    Cool one!

  13. Jeong Hyun Suh. says:

    My brother loves this I don't

  14. kaylani rules says:

    my sis said shut up and she never anything like that ahes only 16months

  15. Minecraft Girl says:

    My cousin loves this song

  16. BeautyBug 1 says:

    Cute, simple as you promised 😆 and veeeeeeeeeeeeery helpful – lots of thanks 😍 !!!

  17. Mommy and Matthew says:

    I love watching my two years old doing the skeleton dance as he sings along😂
    but for a whole week I had to play this video 10 times in a row each day because he wanted to do the skeleton dance😲

  18. Demdem Dolphins says:

    Awesome song!! Brings back memories from when I was in Kindergarten

  19. 마법 같은귀엽다 says:


  20. Jessica Moreno says:

    Please the letter of the song 🙁 I am a teacher that speaks spanish xD I don't know all the vocabulary.

  21. Noor Ali says:

    ـnice, ♥lm from lraq. ….gona have a baby ….this songes. so good to teach him the English langu

  22. Melinda Stevenson says:

    Nice song!

  23. Kira Estela Briseño Álvarez del Castillo says:

    Excellent song!!! All the kids on my classroom love it!!!

  24. YCDI says:

    Kids loved it Thank you

  25. Jamie Howells says:

    that was a great song

  26. Olivia & Alona says:

    Really Really really really so scary plaaaa

  27. Andreea Oniceanu says:

    bellissima la canzone

  28. Ebonessence says:


  29. mangle the fox says:

    I learned this in my school XD

  30. Bùi Anh Tú says:

    bellissima la canzone

  31. ZOIDBERG IS MY JESUS Bowbrick says:


  32. Renae Lancaster says:

    it is very good

  33. Erica Palonpon says:

    great song my son loves it! 😀👍

  34. Science2Student says:

    one of my favorite!

  35. xxSLA SHERxx says:

    My little brother loves this song 😀

  36. Mix3d says:


  37. Kim Bejoon says:

    I did it at school for science and to help us understand what bones are and the names of the bones let me tell you our teacher was funny and strict and the lesson was really hard

  38. Alena Korshakova says:

    It is a very good song!

  39. Marco Doria says:

    This reminds me of one of my favorite videogames ever: Monkey Island 2!!! <3

  40. Reishel Cuevas says:

    this song is awsome

  41. Rozandro Calim says:

    skeleton dance 2017

  42. fikri akif zainordi says:


  43. lora zean says:


  44. BOMMBER [YT] says:

    the old one was spooky but This one is good now xP

  45. Bianky Flowers says:

    I want to sing this all year long!

  46. Galaxy says:


  47. 공짜다 says:

    wow !good job

  48. Gej Edward says:

    thats pretty spooky m8

  49. Zelda Palmerino says:

    Can you put this song on repeat for 20 minutes, please? I know it may sound like I'm joking, but seriously, my kid loves it & makes me rewind it at least like 10 times…

  50. Lolita biai says:

    I like wen your shakinge

  51. Zachary Brown says:

    I listen to this

  52. Haciendo burbujas Con Alejandra says:


  53. лера міс says:


  54. Alysha B says:

    Hi 👋

  55. Karin Espinoza says:

    Yo prefirió a skeleton song

  56. Linda Dincecco says:

    my parotts love it!!

  57. Katie Robson says:


  58. canul44 says:

    Cute sorry

  59. فنو شريف says:

    Shake your

  60. Emma Grayem says:

    Good. Song

  61. Yoshare/NutbrownPoopers YTPG BFSG says:

    The 2009 is better



  63. telita malagon says:


  64. General Grievous says:

    B L Y A T

  65. Sweet Unicorn says:

    1:09 Family!~haha

  66. Francine Poujol says:

    Vous aurez pas pu le faire plus simple pour les enfants ils ne comprennent pas ce que vous dites mais c’est très bien se que vous avait fait je vous félicite bravo à tous pour tout la musique

  67. My Personnel Psychology Channel says:

    Quick r

  68. Shahad Abed says:

    CFC. CFC C

  69. Gamerleb961 Gamerleb961 says:


  70. darkheart21000 says:


  71. Eric DeRosier says:

    Cool stuff

  72. dư nghĩa phạm says:


  73. Aluisio Pontes says:

    Cxdcdd d v. Visasses

  74. Shanaz Begum says:


  75. Alana Sutton says:

    Yass skeletons 🤩 get lit 🔥

  76. mike davalos says:

    V2 joined the server

  77. Geraldine Hernandez says:

    Oh so good

  78. Vera Harrigan-McBayne says:

    And I

  79. Gracie Kawakami says:

    Retrx tg..

  80. Ольга Ганношина says:

    Ты ь&р

  81. Ольга Ганношина says:

    Ты ь&р

  82. Malinda Dwi Septian says:

    Ryuurrr9988. ,,(kn/

  83. Grassy Views says:


  84. Latosha Francis says:


  85. Color Kids says:

    the skeleton dance, so cool.

  86. Alan Coley says:

    ‘KKKefttttrr. Thanks


  87. erma fitriyana says:

    si kf

  88. JJ Janardhan says:


  89. The flying bulldog Bulldog says:

    Did forget ribs ,arm bones and hand bones or was it not supposed to go in the song?

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