The Strange Hums Heard Around The World | Sound Mysteries
The Strange Hums Heard Around The World | Sound Mysteries

(gentle instrumental music) – [Narrator] All over the world, a disturbing sonic phenomenon is plaguing residents of rural areas, towns, and even big cities. This strange sound is a source of constant menace to those who hear it. – It’s actually something severely impacting people’s lives. It’s not just something they hear. It’s something that they feel, that they detect throughout their body. – [Narrator] These perpetual low frequency drones are often simply called the hum. (gentle instrumental music) 1991 in Taos, New Mexico, some residents begin to complain to city officials about an eerie tone haunting them at night. It wasn’t long before the media picked up on the story. – So I just woke up in the middle of the night and heard this strong humming sound, kind of low, kind of like a (mumbling). – A lot of people who hear the hum, they refer to it as a bunch of trucks idling nearby. It’s this low level, low frequency, bass kind of sound. – [Narrator] It’s not something that affects everybody. In a survey of Taos residents, about 2% of the population claimed to hear it, but to those few who can, the hum is more than just an annoyance. – People say that the hum causes physical symptoms, sleeplessness, nausea, and it makes them nervous, and anxious, and depressed, and the U.S. government actually tried to verify it. They went to Taos with low frequency sound detecting equipment, and they heard nothing. – [Narrator] If this unnerving hum wasn’t coming from an external source, maybe the sound originated in the hearers themselves. – Maybe this is tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition where people constantly hear a ringing in their ears, and the reason is there might have been some sort of damage, and so to compensate, the brain sort of turns up its quote, unquote, listening mechanism. But this is probably not tinnitus, and the reason is tinnitus tends to be a very high signal, a very high constant whine. This is more like bass than like treble. – [Man] Some people can hear it. Some people can’t, and I live off in the middle of nowhere, and I listen for it, but I’ve never heard it. – [Narrator] Mysteriously, almost as quickly as the hum began, it disappeared, (birds chirping) leaving residents and officials no closer to an answer, but the phenomena of unexplained hums has appeared all over the world, this time just over the Canadian border in the city of Windsor, Ontario. In 2012, more than 22,000 Canadians dialed in to a local teleconference to complain about their very own mysterious hum. – The hum quite frankly was hurting quality of life here in the city of Windsor. – So they got researchers from the University of Windsor to come and take a look, and they pointed to Zug Island. (dramatic instrumental music) It’s just this little island in the Detroit River where there’s a lot of industrial activity, so they said that there are blast furnaces by a U.S. steel plant on Zug Island that are making a lot of sound, and that’s what everybody is hearing. – [Narrator] But there was one problem. Zug Island was on U.S. soil. Without cooperation from the U.S. government, university researchers were unable to conduct any tests on the actual island, and their study was left incomplete. Reports of new and different hums were popping up across the globe, Scotland, Auckland, Kokomo, Indiana, and elsewhere, (metal creaking) and each new case seemed to invite a new theory. Some experts attributed the hum to electricity pylons. Other people insisted it was UFOs, and many believed it was just mass hysteria. – There’s some theories that the hum, whatever it might be, is still amplified psychologically. It’s possible that a lot of the people reporting hearing the hum are reporting it because they live somewhere where other people are reporting it. – [Narrator] Over the years, for every individual hum, scientists have proposed all manner of explanations for these distressing sound reverberations. In Seattle, Washington, scientists thought it could be armies of mating fish. The Plainfin Midshipman fish (fish humming) use acoustic communication to attract a mate. On summer nights, the males contract the muscles around their gas filled swim bladders. This whirring oscillation produces a monotone droning sound calling all nearby females to his nest. The mating calls’ low frequency, long wavelength allows it to reverberate off the boats, and also off the shallow parts of the sea floor, amplifying the sound on land. A popular conspiracy theory puts forward that HAARP in Gakona, Alaska, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is responsible for the hum all over the world. HAARP is made up of 180 antennas which transmit high power radio frequencies into an outer layer of the earth’s atmosphere. The theory is that these intense frequency blasts are invading the minds of people particularly sensitive to them. Still there has been no unified theory for this worldwide mystery, but recently science has made a breakthrough. – Some first reports of the hum were in Bristol, England, in the ’70s, and researchers from Oxford came and were able to point toward a large industrial fan nearby and said that that was the source of the hum, and when the fan was later decommissioned, the hum went away. – [Narrator] But then in 2015, the people of Bristol began hearing another hum, baffling residents once again. – [Man] Is it the hum again? – [Narrator] This time a recent scientific breakthrough provided a possible explanation. Scientists discovered that colliding ocean waves, and waves moving over the seafloor, are responsible for microseismic activity. In turn, this constant vibration gives off a hum. – They confirmed this in 2017 by putting seismic equipment at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. What scientists found is a sound that’s basically emitted by the Earth itself. – [Narrator] The earth’s hum is faint. It was measured at a level 10,000 times lower than normal hearing capabilities. (static crackling) Despite its promise and the amazing revelations about the earth’s hum, it seems improbable that this would be the cause for all hums, but it does launch a new era in the investigation of the maddening hum. (gentle instrumental music) (dramatic instrumental music)

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  1. KKJerry says:

    It is the reason that animals always can predict what is going to happen.

  2. Kayleigh Ann says:


  3. MV says:

    Not in Kyrgyzstan

  4. Secret Under Cover Alien says:

    God is warning us by his trumpets that the world is ending

  5. NoVa CLAN says:

    Anyone else think it’s the angles trumpets

  6. ImNotEmoImPsychotic Boi says:

    what if its a sign ? that…the end is near

  7. Jay Man says:

    I came from tik tok

  8. Jay Man says:

    What about high pitched sounds?

  9. eva's page says:

    I haven't heard yet

  10. Manny says:

    Guys what if it’s a sign that’s this is the ending of the world you can’t prove different reasons and come out with it’s the fault of people what if this is where the world is done

  11. Manny says:

    I LITERALLY JUST HEARD ABOUT 30 seconds ago but it went by so fast I had no way to catch it I would have posted it on TikTok but seriously I heard it it’s really loud and I did see something come up it was a long antenna and at the end was this almost horn shaped tip as it blew its sound for maybe 10 seconds and then everything went silent I almost thought I was crazy but I know what I saw and o know what I heard

  12. Naice. M8 says:

    though it could be psychological, they said maybe, hinting that this is just a theory, I want to believe that it's physological or mental but who knows

  13. Cory Chalker says:

    How do you get the sound on camera if only 2% hear it?

  14. Azael AJ says:

    it's called hevens seven horns

  15. Faith Elder says:

    um this may be a personal question, but if you’ve heard the hum. can you please tell me your religion and beliefs. please.

  16. Cerys Williams says:

    Well im in the uk and ive never heard hums from the sky.

    Oh god

  17. Cerys Williams says:

    Plus im struggle with tinnitus. I dont hear hums i hear ringing. This is wrong

  18. DONTBETHE1 says:

    I live in Santa Rosa NM and I went to Taos and I heard the hum

  19. Angel Diaz says:

    Angels getting ready to blast thise trumpets baby. Get ready we bout to be outty

  20. yazmin Romero says:

    My mom says ~hes~ coming and she said read the bible AND sayed JESUS or GOD is coming ik alot of people think im lying but all of there excuses are fake PLEASE dont hate this is my theory and ive been searching it up and i do trully believe hes coming.

  21. Chao Lee says:

    But can we really trust the government tho?

  22. Allie B says:

    Who else is here from TikTok?

  23. Ghap says:

    dont worry guys, the aliens are just turning people to aliens

  24. M E L says:

    they trying to distract us again

  25. •Brøkèñ•Dōłł• says:

    It still going.on

  26. Smythe says:

    It's the government man…population control…if they can make people go crazy with sounds bruh may God have mercy

  27. ItsJocelyn says:

    God is coming to earth

  28. Rutchie Osher says:

    what if this is the government trying to tell us that it isnt a big deal/covering it up and making excuses for this

  29. Dan .-. says:

    Underground tunnelling.

  30. Tyler Coggio says:

    anyone else see this on tik tok and had to look it up

  31. Nasa Edits says:

    Who is here to try to find the sky trumpets because they think the world is gonna end

  32. Emma Sakuma says:

    I’ve never heard the hum..

  33. onaston says:

    its the aliens

  34. Ãłėxã Meep says:

    I’m watching memes after this so I’m not scared anymore…

  35. Leafychu _ says:

    The worlds ending

  36. TheGamingBow ROBLOX and more! says:

    There’s low frequency sounds made by lightening clouds and deep space objects

  37. Monvixy says:

    Gods horns that we are good for now…

  38. Hank Menendez says:

    They dont gear it cause they are doing it . Smh

  39. David Gonzalez says:


  40. sofiaaa says:

    anyone came here from tik tok ✊🏼🤧

  41. Morgan Powel says:

    who else is hear from tiktok and just freaked your self out more?

  42. Dayton gamer says:

    I didnt hear it even though im from auckland.

  43. Liam O'Hara says:

    Oh yeah…. it’s definitely fish…

  44. Adel Kuz says:

    The hum ? We in Texas call it the sky trumpet 😂

  45. Illustration Fox says:

    This is the result of FRACKING. What the hell else could it be? It's about the ways in which Governments in developed countries drill underground to fuel the energy mill. Much of the long-term damage of Fracking – or Hydraulic Frackturing – is as yet unquantified. To drill, they use high powered water-drills, unnamed chemicals, and grit/sand. If this gets into YOUR water supply, you'll know which rock to look under.
    Why else are roads collapsing in developed countries?

  46. Charlotte Dowling says:


  47. C Doh says:

    The Antichrist is Risen

  48. bleachburritos says:

    would if Jesus is coming. i know that sounds weird but. would if he’s coming?

  49. Adventure Fighter says:

    Told ya its not aliens

  50. Quillz says:

    I bet you it's a government coverup..

  51. Emma Y. says:

    I’ve heard this before and developed a severe headache, But when I asked my friend what the sound was she claimed she had heard nothing, It’s bone chilling.

  52. Chris Venegas says:

    Oh great I live 2 hours from Toas 🙄

  53. Hagan Schoolfield says:

    Ok so this is just a theory I made up. And I don’t have much evidence to support it but hear me out. We’ve only explored around 5% of oceans right. That leaves 95% unexplored. Parts of the ocean are miles deep and hundreds of miles long. Well what if it’s some type of new whale that’s not been discovered or a new species or even animal that is either a hybrid and the only one of its kind or there are only a few of these animals, which is why is might not have been discovered. Or even if it’s some type of “titan”. And maybe they’ve been in “hibernation” and we never noticed them or discovered them because they haven’t done anything until recently. Until recently, when what has increased, pollution. Destroying our oceans and environment which woke them. Now they’re awakening and could possibly be very dangerous. I know it sounds crazy but it’s a theory and no one knows for sure. So you never know it could be right. And if you read this far thanks.

  54. ZL1_Studio's Official says:

    I heard it and I’m in sc

  55. Jeremiah Jeno says:

    It's like laurel and yanny thing if your ears pick up low frequency than you would hear it if it high frequency than you went hear it

  56. Donald Duck says:

    Guys calm down it’s just Godzilla humming from the ocean 😉😉

  57. Sidney Fitz says:

    er…. Gods trumpets sounding perhaps??? or the angel trumpets????

  58. Lalo Luna says:

    You can blame fish and Trust the government why is this a new phenomenon of worldwide proportion. 🤔

  59. Sw says:

    Why people freak out if we talk about Aliens man? The Univers is big!!! Saying as a logical thinker we should expect everyday, any sec to be contacted! The Evolution of live is just a chemical Process!!! We are not alone folks! #ReptilianAgenda

  60. Emma Schulman says:

    3:30 ok hear me out doesnt it sound like godzilla or one of the titans from godzilla king if the monsters what if they really existed, took a long ass nap and are waking up to fix this world that we've polluted

  61. OmgthatsTrod says:

    Smh anybody else from TikTok ?

  62. Marcellus Cannon says:

    Stop being a liar for once you know this is a sign that jesus is coming back Period…

  63. richard mctere says:

    I guess some people call it a HUM .But what I heard sounded like trumpets ,coming from Heaven . I can not explain it.

  64. Steve Worrall says:


  65. pinkinkstudio6 says:

    Never heard of this in Portugal… never heard of this before I saw that video on TikTok that dumb people, that don’t know how TikTok works believe it’s the day of judgement … I have lost the little hope I had in humanity…

  66. kung Few says:

    This is from me when I hear one of the songs I don't like but I can't stop humming it anyway!😡

  67. Boris the Wolf says:

    He…I know what it is…and you wont like 2037😈

  68. joe smith_axe says:

    What if only some people here this hum as a message from god as they have a warning that the world will end soon

  69. Trinity Frazier says:

    Nervous? Because they are scared! smh🙄

  70. Johan Sadewa says:

    Only 2% can heard it? Guess after some catch it on video the percentage go up to 100%

  71. RDSHOOKLIFE ! says:

    I think it’s god Calling a message to us that he is coming soon and The Bible says something about a trumpet so The trumpet nous makes sense I don’t know though

  72. jimin-SSI says:

    it makes us anxious because of the seven trumpets-

  73. Ndrii ggts says:

    Chill y'all is just Jesus moving his furniture around

  74. Moss Revere says:

    Lol if u came from tik tok it aint fake, look at "trumpet noises from heaven"

  75. Ava Klatt says:

    If you watch the video it’s called gods seven trumpets now I’m here from TikTok and three angels will be given trumpets one for each 30% of the world will hear That another will be for more trumpets that will roar even louder 70% of the world will hear that when everyone hears the trumpets there will be a half an hour silence call the revolution then as far as I know the end

  76. The Shape says:


  77. Tania Prosser says:

    I hard it twice. Sounded like a extremely loud heater or a invisible air craft.

  78. joseph joestar 812 says:

    As long as its not Jesus and the second coming im fine

  79. Stephen Shields says:

    It's the military.

  80. Valeria :D says:

    That’s just God vibe checking earth

  81. мιитιє • ρlαуz says:



    tHe WoRlD iS EnDiNg

  82. Joyof the Lord says:

    The trumpets of the rapture of Jesus

  83. Thomas E S Thomas says:

    It’s the sound of the telepathic centers of the human brain.

  84. Super Bazooka Terrorist Man says:

    This is the 2nd coming of joe I know it and you cant prove me wrong he has come to destroy all non-gamers

  85. Emmanuel Hernandez says:

    Chill everyone its just the gray beards calling for the new dragonborn.

  86. føx paws says:

    Earth is beginning to enter its final form

  87. Unknown_Roblox says:

    I heard the hum phenomenon and some otherworldly sounds in Whistler Canada one time

  88. brianna cataffo says:

    im fucking scared as hell right now

  89. Michael Szczys says:

    A hum is a hum but what about the recordings of things that sound like something dragging a bunch of steel ships down an asphalt road??? I don’t think fish are doing that one.
    I lived most of my life within 15 miles of Zug Island and never heard any strange noises like that,especially coming from the Rouge area. I just barely heard the explosions from demolishing the Hudson’s building
    I never heard any strange haunting sounds in Detroit except in my own house I heard crazy haunting reverberations until I realized it was my new CB antenna I built in the wind vibrating down the mast. ( scared the crap out of me for a few minutes)

  90. Jewels Jewels says:

    Its microquakes duh !!! ITS ALL DAY AND NIGHT OFF AND ON

  91. Jewels Jewels says:

    Nope its the earth moving to rocking and swaying and jumps up and down its microquakes small earthquakes that are not easy to feel.

  92. Jewels Jewels says:


  93. Jewels Jewels says:

    The horns are scraping of the earthplates its vibrations are bad at times ITS EARTHQUAKES APPROACHING OR AFTER EFFECTS OF EARTHQUAKES AND BEFORE QUAKES. I KNOW I LIVE THROUGH IT DAILY

  94. Jewels Jewels says:

    California is getting ready to pop off

  95. Itz_Glitchy says:

    For those who are from tiktok.
    This is a wierd phenomenon going all throughout the world.there has been cases from almost everywhere.some people say it’s a “sign from god that the world is ending. Others say it’s the sky reacting to the global warming. Either way this is scary. Can I get a follow on tiktok? @tatekeller69
    Sorry I forgot to put something. Like it said in the video it “could be ufo’s” well the navy recorded a unkown aircraft in the sky sometime ago and they still have not found out what it is.

  96. GrilledCheese says:

    Blowing of the trumpets

  97. chris Klein says:

    It is sonar wavelengths very old, they are dinosaur screams caught into the earth, sound waves stuck inside of the earth from millions of years ago, trapped inside. This builds up from air bubbles inside deep open places, over time it builds u andp in strength and as that area is about to leech out the sound is released and effects birds and others in wavelengths amplified, BUBBLES, ALOT LIKE SUBLIMINAL WAVES.

  98. 80s_ RockGod says:

    Jesus coming back boi

  99. boi butt says:

    It sounds like a trumpet and a lion roaring for me.

  100. Manny Tiburcio says:

    Ask a priest and hes gone say its god
    Ask a scientist he gone say its something like solar energy or meteors
    I say aliens

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