The Wind Cries Mary Jimi Hendrix Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce
The Wind Cries Mary Jimi Hendrix Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce

Hey this is Tim Pierce. I cannot play that the
same way twice. No matter what something different always pops out. Thank you so much for your
support, thanks for subscribing on YouTube. If you click the link below you’ll have access
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I started the intro. Let’s find our way into this first phrase… What’s going on here is basically he’s just walking up to an F note chromatically. So, the actual anchor
for both phrases is the F note which is the key of the song, and if you just demonstrate it on one string what he is doing it’s pretty easy to visualize… He’s just literally walking
up 2 frets below and then 1 fret below chromatically to the tonic… And then everything else is
just notes that happen around that. So, the destination for the low phrase is, let’s see, the 5th string on the 8th fret, here… and the destination for the high phrase is the 3rd string on the 10th fret. So, let’s start. What I’m doing is I’m kind of barring just
an Eb chord, an E chord and an F chord. But, I’m doing just the bottom 4 strings basically.
And, it’s kind of indistinct what he’s actually grabbing. Might be 3 strings, might be 2 strings
– might be 4. I can’t really tell but I just know it sounds good to aim for 4 strings,
and what that is is your index finger barring on the 6th fret across the strings 5 and 6.
And, then your 3rd finger barring on the 8th fret across strings 3 and 4. So, you strike
4 strings with a down stroke on your right hand… and you just walk up… and to me
that sounds great, whether he’s doing 2 notes or 3 notes – or all 4 notes. Suit yourself
and maybe you can discover it cause I can’t really tell exactly what he’s doing. Moving
on to the next part of the phrase. We’re essentially doing same thing but we’re putting the 3rd
in the bass. The way we achieve this is take your index finger on the 8th fret and we’re
barring it across strings 3, 4 and 5. See that right there… all the way across – just mash it down – not
too hard but enough to grab all 3 strings. And then you’re going to do a hammer on 2
frets higher only on the 5th string, and that’s with your 3rd finger… Strike the 3 strings
and then sound the note 2 frets above on the 5th string with your 3rd finger by hammering
on… You want it to be equal volume and you want it to be confident. And, then you slide
this phrase up 1 fret and then one more fret… So, just gently lift your fingers off the
string… But try not to leave a gap. That’s one of the secrets not so much talked about…
It’s doing it smoothly with no gaps… And of course it makes sense when you hear it…
And once again it’s an Eb chord and an E chord and an F chord with the 3rd in the bass…
And then all we do is repeat again… Once again very legato, connected and smooth… Moving on to the next phrase. We take our index finger on the 10th fret strings 4 and 5 – and we bar it. And then with our 3rd finger we’re going to do a hammer on string 5 only
up to the 12th fret. And with our right hand we’re going to do a couple of down strokes…
Just on those 2 strings… And then we take our index finger over to the next 2 strings
– see that right there… We’re going to bar strings 3 and 4 and then we do a hammer on in the same fashion with our 3rd finger up to the 12th fret… So, to back up… and all
down strokes over here with our right hand… And then we finish out the phrase by releasing
our 3rd finger, striking strings 3 and 4 with the barred index finger on the 10th fret,
and one more little stab here – strings 5 and 6… with the 3rd finger 12th fret 5th
string, and the index finger 10th fret 4th string. So, that whole series… So, there’s
a bit of repetition in the first two phrases… And it happens really fast… So, try to get
it up to speed as best you can… Now we start the verse with the C bar chord. I like to do it with the little finger rather than the 3rd finger. But, whatever you prefer is
fine for this bar chord. I take my index finger on the 3rd fret 5th string grab that note.
And I bar across strings 2, 3 and 4 at the 5th fret with my little finger. Like I said
you can use your 3rd finger but I like the little one. So, I do it with 2 strikes on
the right hand… and then I mute. And the way I mute is with my left hand. I just…
staccato – and then the left hand mutes all of these strings gently just by resting just
really lightly on top of the neck at the strings… Strike that C chord then walk down – and strike
the Bb chord which is index finger on the 1st fret 5th string. And then your other finger,
my 4th finger barred across strings 2, 3 and 4 on the 3rd fret. So, these two chords once
again… Mute… Mute… And then we grab this great F chord, and I use my thumb to grab
the low E string on the 1st fret so it creates and F note. And I use my index finger on the
1st and 2nd strings on the 1st fret… barred… I leave the G string open, and then my other
two remaining fingers are on the 3rd fret 4th and 5th string. So, this is how it looks
– I’ll go… grab there… my index finger 1st fret… G string remains open… little
finger and 3rd finger on the 3rd fret 4th and 5th strings. And then curl your thumb
over and grab the low F on the 1st fret. And then what you do is a hammer on with your
remaining 2nd finger that’s available… And it’s that kind of phrase… Now, if you can’t
grab this thumb over the neck thing – just grab an F chord and strum it… That’ll be
fine. Let’s do this series… And for me it’s really important to mute when you go… That’s part of the sound, and once
again that’s just my left hand just gently muting all the strings with every available
finger. You’re still keeping the chord shape… but you’re muting. And then over here I do
this up stroke… But, it’s pretty loose and free, so do it the way you want. So, now we
do a repeat sort of – we play the C chord and then we go into a riff, and we’re doing
is we plant our index finger on the 3rd fret 4th and 5th strings and we do a little bit
of a bar, and we play this little phrase… And what we’re doing is kind of the same thing
we did earlier in this song where we’re playing the chord, but we’re doing the 3rd in the
bass. So, check this out… Index finger 4th string 3rd fret… And then just roll it over to the 5th string 3rd fret and do a little hammer on… with your 3rd finger up to the
5th fret, so… play those 2 notes and then… another hammer on there… very similar to
the phrase that we got into the song with… Something like that… And then we land on
the F chord shape… and then we play this phrase up here which is the index finger barred across the first two strings, and we do a hammer on here… And it’s a hammer on with
a mute… So, the hammer on is basically only one one string – it’s on the B string… Second
string walking up… with the mute, and then we re-strike the barred index finger… Now, I played that a little different on the intro, but this is more true to the record – I just
listened to the record… One more time… The next cycle starts just the same with this
C chord. But, what he does is he walks down and puts a chromatic note in between – a B
note… So, all you have to do is drop it back 1 fret to the 2nd fret and put it between
the two chords… And now, we hit this F chord but he kind of, it’s kind of vague – he just
kind of strums through it. So, it’s up to you – do it the way you feel… Just do a
little up down strumming with your right hand… And this one you can grab the traditional
way if you want… Now, in the intro – I did this… Which happens later in the song, but
I like it so much I wanted to move it forward to make it part of the intro. And if you want
to do that it’s pretty cool. It’s a C chord – take your 3rd finger 10th fret 4th string
– that’s your anchor. Then 2nd finger on the 3rd string on the 9th fret, and then barred
index finger, like we’ve been doing a lot in this, across the 1st and 2nd strings on
the 8th fret… You grab that shape which is a familiar C shape coming from this…
You strike it and you walk it down chromatically… and then the third time as you walk it down
chromatically you add in your little finger on this high note right here – it’s the 1st
string on the 8th fret. So, check it out it’s pretty unique… And then go down and just strum out the F
chord… So, the record is… And what I did was… So, now we’re in the home stretch. We’re going to grab a G chord, but it’s just a piece of the G chord. Take your 3rd finger
on the 4th string 5th fret – that’s our anchor note. 2nd finger on the 3rd string 4th fret
and index finger on the 2nd string 3rd fret – we get the shape of the G chord. It’s this
G chord right here that’s familiar. But, it’s just these three notes of it… And we’re
going to go up down with our right hand simply… And then we’re going to add in our little
finger on the 5th fret 2nd string just for one moment. So, its… That’s the phrase…
1 2 3 4 5 6 with your right hand. And then you slide everything up – keep the same shape – slide it up 3 frets (a step and a half) up to the 8th fret – 8th fret 3rd finger and
do the same thing. So, this is a repeat… Slide up… And I hear his thumb in on the
action. You don’t have to worry about that, but if your thumb reaches over and you can
grab it… I particularly hear it on the 2nd chord on the record… And what’s happening
here is the thumb is actually grabbing this low note and this finger – the flesh of this
finger and some of the thumb is muting this string so you don’t hear it. If you can do
that great if you can’t don’t worry about it. Just aim for these 3 strings… But the
thing about it is if you’re just grabbing these 3 strings you want the flesh that’s
remaining from all your fingers that are hanging around to mute the strings you are not using,
and that’s a really cool thing to learn on guitar – on the electric is that… you can
aim with your right hand, and if you happen to bump any of these strings it’s nice to
have just your extra flesh kind of muting the strings that are not getting played, and
that’s kind of what I think all of us do… Then we reprise the intro in this walk up…
Which is walking up from and Eb to and E to an F chord which we already learned… Go
back and repeat… and reprise the intro… and that riff again. I’m going to finish out
this lesson with a review, and remember it’s ok to play this kind of thing differently
every time, cause he certainly did. So, we walk up Eb E to F… Walk up with 3rds in
the bass… and the hammer ons. Walk up again… repeat again… play the riff… C… Eb…
and F… C again… riff… F… High thing… then C again… chromatic walk down… into
the G… do that again… slide up… repeat. Hope you enjoyed that lesson. Thanks so much
for your support, thanks for subscribing. Be sure to click the link for all the private
stuff and I’ll see you on the next one.

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    Tuning up a semi-tone gives the string more 'bite', tuning down a semi-tone gives them more 'growl', and your intonation should still be acceptable. It is a technique that blues and country players used in the days before effects pedals could do the job for you. If you have enough guitars you should have at least one tuned up and one tuned down knocking around for casual picking up to get a feel of how such alterations to your tuning affects the feel of the instrument and the way that you play it.

  5. Reverend George says:

    Just to add to the confusion. I have just called a guitar playing friend (and fellow Hendrix freak) to tell him to check out this lesson from Tim. He has checked out some videos of Jimi playing this song and tells me that Jimi plays it sometimes with F fingerings and sometimes with E fingerings. This is probably because of the guitar he happened to have on at the time, although apparently he favours F fingerings for studio playing and E fingerings for live playing. Time for me to learn it with F fingering I think, quite how I am going to drone the bottom string for the solo I am not too sure, but it gives me something to aim for.

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