This $295 Guitar will SURPRISE you! [Orangewood Brooklyn Guitar Review]
This $295 Guitar will SURPRISE you! [Orangewood Brooklyn Guitar Review]

oh hey what’s going on so listen I know that a couple videos ago I said it’s not everyday that I get to do something like this for you guys but I do have another guitar to check out with you guys today just came in the mail this guitar is really interesting though because the price tag is just under three hundred dollars so today we’re going to see if this thing sounds like a three hundred dollar guitar or it sounds like something a little bit better a little more high quality so we’re gonna head back to the studio but let’s make one little pit stop first so if he wants back I’m scrolling through Instagram and I start seeing these orange wood guitars popping up days go by see you another one few more days see another one I did a little research start following the account I’ve just kind of kept up with us and just watched what they’ve been doing and the more time that’s gone by I’ve grown more and more interested in their guitars in a short time orange wood has grown pretty significantly they’re offering a ton of different guitar models at a few different price points and their goal is to offer really high quality guitars at affordable prices they’re able to offer such affordable prices because they sell directly to the customer in other words they don’t go through a big retailer like Guitar Center or Sam ak which means no additional price markup on their guitars our guitars started $125 in their range all the way up to $295 for their highest end models I mean let’s be honest we’ve been taught to think that if you want a great sounding guitar you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars I for one am super interested to see what this thing sounds like so let’s head back to the studio will unbox this guitar we’ll try it out see what we think let’s go all right so let’s unbox this thing let’s see what we got pretty excited I don’t really know what to expect but I think it’s gonna be good so let’s let’s check it out Wow got a little gig bag I mean I’ve watched a couple unboxing today some done some surprise but that’s pretty nice looking I’m everybody says that everybody says the gig bag is really nice and they’re not lying this is definitely way better than what I was expecting says orange road on the front that’s pretty cool it looks really sturdy we got the backpack straps let’s give those a little road test BAM look at me ready to go walk-in down the street kind of moves with your body it’s nice stays with you very nice look at that you got a pouch on the front let’s check out what’s in here first before we get into the goods front pouch we got a little hex wrench allen wrench if you will obviously to adjust the truss rod and we got our little optional pit guard so if you want a little something like this on your guitar to protect it from scratches from your pick you can put that on I’m assuming that you can’t take this off once you’ve stuck it on so user beware I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this yes but we’ll put it back in the pouch for now all right the moment of truth let’s open this thing up check it out oh wow that’s really nice that is really nice wow I’m really pleasantly surprised wow the headstock is really really cool this is a really pretty guitar it’s got this little card in it just a nice little thank-you card it has the signature of the person who set this up designed it set up in Orange California some social links and then up here we’ve got this little Ernie Ball tag letting you know that there’s Ernie Ball strings on this bad boy and of course no acoustic guitar would be complete without a nice little packet of silica gel keeps moisture from settling in or whatever I really know I just know you’re not supposed to eat it but I did one time I woke up and I couldn’t see colors anyway hmm it was clearly set up before it was shipped out the action is pretty pretty close to where I would want it so what a quick first play I am really pleasantly surprised this model is called the Brooklyn it’s one of two guitars that Orangewood is currently offering it to $295 price point and that’s their highest price point so I guess you would consider the Brooklyn one of their high-end models it’s hard to call it that because it’s still such an affordable guitar let me walk you through some of the specs we’ve obviously got a grand concert body shape here the body is definitely thick and it’s certainly big enough that you’re gonna get a good amount of resonance out of this guitar but it’s not so thick that you’re sitting like a foot and a half away from your guitar like play like some dread-nots that I’ve played you know what I’m talking about it’s not fun so I’m really happy with the size and the shape of the guitar I tend to gravitate towards cons of style and grant concert style guitar bodies and if you want the exact dimensions of a percent in the description below we got a Sitka spruce top giving us some nice bright and resonant tones we’ve got rosewood back in sides that just look beautiful we’ve got gold Hardware tuners the Orangewood logo is in gold and on the tuners there we’ve got these this kind of matte black look to them it’s actually a rubberized texture which is actually kind of nice it has a nice feel to it nice grip when you’re tuning I’m not mad about it very nice touch we’ve got a nice abalone rosette and I believe the inlays are mother-of-pearl but it’s cool to see orange would go for a more signature inlay design I don’t have the exact neck radius and specifications but it’s a really comfortable neck the guitar is light enough that it’s comfortable but not so light that it feels cheap and flimsy overall I would say the look and feel of this guitar is excellent I’m super pleased but let’s give this thing a quick mic test and then I’m gonna make a song with it let’s see what kind of a day one inspiration we can get out of this orange wood Brooklyn guitars all right so let me know in the comments below what you guys think again that was just a simple mic test I personally tend to gravitate towards more warm sounding even dark sounding acoustic guitars I would definitely classify this guitar more on the bright and modern side of the total spectrum but it sounds great and I don’t have anything that sounds like this so this guitar is definitely gonna get a lot of use I do have a little song idea that I’m gonna go put down I hope you enjoy this is my first little bit of songwriting and beat making with the Brooklyn from orange wood guitars check it out so in closing I hope to answer this one question who are orange wood guitars for so obviously I’ve only played one of their guitars and I can’t speak to the quality across the entire collection of or to what guitars but I do think it is safe to say that you are getting a quality with orange wood guitars that far exceeds its price point if you’re looking to invest in an acoustic guitar you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money I definitely think orange wood guitars are worth a consideration I remember back in college I was looking for a cheap acoustic electric guitar I wanted something that sounded great but was also inexpensive enough that I would feel comfortable bringing it to bars and parties where my band was playing I wish orange wood guitars were around back then and they have a couple of great-looking acoustic electric models and they would have been imperfect but these are great guitars for beginners buying their first guitar or advanced players who need something or around the house or gigging or recording or traveling all in all I think that if you check out orange wood guitars you will be pleasantly surprised just as I was but all right guys that’s going to do it for this review I hope I gave a proper and well-rounded demonstration for you any further questions you have please leave them in the comment section below I’ll be sure to LIKE up the Brooklyn and a few other orange wood guitar models in the description below be sure to check those out if you’re interested until next time my name is Patrick catch y’all soon all right peace

48 thoughts on “This $295 Guitar will SURPRISE you! [Orangewood Brooklyn Guitar Review]”

  1. Will Jordan says:

    I’m guessing it doesn’t have electronics, right? Beautiful and fantastic sounding guitar though

  2. Fernanda Rafifah says:

    seriously? that is made in Indonesia??? Damn! I'm Indonesian but I didn't know about that…. well thank you for the information =]

  3. thecaffineman says:

    Quick question why did you point your microphone at the sound hole? That's where you get the worst sound, it's very boomy and has no high end. Try pointing it at the 12th fret and you'll see the difference. Just wondering if that was intentianal or not?

  4. TheUchiha says:

    do they ship everywhere around the world free of cost??

  5. Nico in Fifine says:

    Nice vid!

  6. Haikal says:

    Is it shipping to east asean?

  7. Guillermo Carrasco says:

    Ignorance is bold…

  8. Heng Junwen says:

    Pick-guard actually protects your guitar from potential scratches by your fingers. Just saying and nice playing!

  9. Gay Demon says:

    how much time did it take to come?

  10. Erin Ikeuchi says:

    I love acoustic guitars and love hearing the tone of each one. Soo sick of all these videos with a long intro . I always wish these guys would just cut their crap and play the instruments !


    Great sounding/looking guitar. I’m going to order mine and see if I can pick mine up directly from Orangewood. I live 20 minutes away from them. Thanks for the video it was very informative and well done. Best of luck with your music!

  12. the skating guitar sloth says:

    Why is the strap lock on the wrong side

  13. David Serianni says:

    Looks pretty good but there are better sounding guitars around the same price point.

  14. cuppateadee says:

    Is it solid wood?

  15. Horror IKON says:

    as a single income father of 2, the price is still out of reach for me right now, but man I wish I could own one of these

  16. Gage_Music says:

    Review the dana!

  17. Blueser100 says:

    Great review. Sounds like a quality guitar. I want one!

  18. JoPa GeRi says:

    My understanding is that once they’re sent back to the US, Orangewood receives them, and goes through them real well. Sets up the action and cleans and checks them. Totally worth the small price IMHO

  19. Brian Wilson says:

    Eh, I don't think it really sounds that good honestly.

  20. azcharlie2009 says:

    What's that song you're playing? Sounds like something Clapton played.

  21. Trevor Graham Welch says:

    A little less talking and more guitar playing dudeski

  22. joesl8 says:

    Sound is kind of high and thin IMO but not a bad price for what you get. Anyone have suggestions on an under $1K acoustic cutaway?

  23. Jeffrey Douglas says:

    Very nice for $300!

  24. Martin Pipe says:

    Orangewood unfortunately only sell their guitars in the USA and will not export to Europe.

  25. Ginger Boy Daley says:

    do they make a 12 string?
    p.s. you move your hands a lot when you talk

  26. Blueser100 says:

    You are a really good player. I would have liked to hear more playing next time.😊

  27. Cy Brunel says:

    So they went up $100 in 5 months ? I checked their website and they list them at $395. You still can't beat that really, it has a solid Sitka Spruce top, for the price it's a sweet deal. Point your mic at an angle away from the sound hole towards the 12th fret or towards the bridge, sound hole mic'ing sounds muddy and boomy. Peace.

  28. kedean Duffus says:

    Guitar is pretty. more companies need to do this. artistic Inlays & better sound hole rosette.

  29. pplareppl says:

    It sounds like a $300 – $500 guitar. Not bad, I can definitely hear the sound is kind of thin with not much of bass and high attack, very typical of what a laminated back and side guitar would sound like. Doesn't mean it's bad, just personal preference only

  30. chorleycom says:

    I love my Oliver Mahogany, checkout my review.

  31. user name taken says:

    Damn man…sounds pretty darn good!

  32. John Lennon says:

    Just subscribed. Like the way you present the guitars and yourself. Cool…

  33. Steven Lance says:

    Shit….for that much my wife would sell you a recording king that sounds wayyyyy better than that pos….Direct sell my ass….dealer price would be like sub 200 for that.

  34. jim mcdowell says:

    I was thinking about getting one and this video convinced me. I'll be ordering soon.

  35. Brandon Anthony says:

    How would you compare it to a seagull s6 !! I’ve owned seagull Dreadnaught before and loved it ! I though it was the best guitar I could possibly get for around $400. I personally love the look of these orangwood guitar and the whole business idea behind them so if it compares well to a seagull s6 I might save $75-$100 and snag up a orangewood.

  36. Blind Boy Music says:

    Thanks Mr Walken. 🙂

  37. 2000SkyView says:

    WOW! How did you get those bridge pins out? Any comments? They look a little deep, are the the whole too big on the bridge?

  38. David Oscar Flores says:

    What monitors are those back there?

  39. emma smith says:

    Hey,Do you know if they sell outside of the states ?,I’m interested in buying one and I can’t due to not living in the U.S

  40. Eka Aja says:

    "MADE IN INDONESIA" but that guitar is very hard to find in here -_-
    Btw great video man 👍

  41. Ron Brummett says:

    This company is owned by two brother Sooj and Eddie Park. They are from Korea and studied business at USC. Here is their business plan: make 98% of a guitar in China using computer technology ; ship it to California; and market to young people that want to learn this instrument and want to play something that is like the BIG names. Good plan. This is a good sounding and fairly easy playing guitar. Is it a BIG name. NO! The final finish is poor. Customer service is defined and very rigid. Since you can't go into a store, you can't see this. They want you to focus on the low price and the sound/ease of play. Bottom line: good product for the price. Marketing is marketing. Caveat emptor.

  42. David Oscar Flores says:

    What KRK models are those? Rokit 6's?

  43. chet atkins says:

    Run of the mill guitar nothing special ok for a beginner

  44. Russell David Oakley says:

    they sell guitars unto $1000 on amazon

  45. Bob Davis says:

    Ordered my Oliver Jr. Live yesterday. Excited.

  46. LáSt ŪçhïHã says:

    Why they don't ship to Europe 😭

  47. Noumenon4Idolatry says:

    Sounds kind of bright was my first thought. Would like to know if the same company makes a “darker” sounding model.

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