TIME IN A BOTTLE 🔷Jim Croce 🔷Guitar Lesson
TIME IN A BOTTLE 🔷Jim Croce 🔷Guitar Lesson

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is part of my catarrh lesson series So it’s a J. I’ll show how to play time in a bottle by Jim Croce So I’ll play the parts first then I’ll show how they played note for note using the tabs Okay, so there’s the intro I’ll play it Okay, so that’s it the tenth fret brought all the chords And the picking pattern I just use I don’t even use the pick she’s my thumb and These two fingers to pick the rest of the notes Excel okay. So Bart 10th fret all the strings just fall along with the tabs Then birth 9th fret Do you figure out the second-string 10 threat Okay, then to the a threat to figure out the seconds from 10 threat Seven threat your finger on the second string 8th fret Into the sixth fret or At the sorry played second string 8th fret And your pinky on the third string 10th, right? Let your finger there then it’s watch the tabs So that’s pretty good about the sixth fret Transferring to a fourth fret bottom to string 6 fret Top string baby powder string Three um day top string third fret second string the threat first string 6 fret Then have the option of playing the It’s a fifth string open if you want you don’t have to this Which is Play both whole thing is played on that site on the first string and the third string so first string fifth fret 3rd string 6 fret And with string with some threat Strings my threat Slide up the twelfth fret with strings Slide down the cetera The ninth fret But on the bottom string hammer onto the tenth fret and round pull off Someone’s Janis Okay, picking pattern through the verses Is You can play it either two ways this way Or this way Whichever is more comfortable for you. Okay, so I’ll play the verse part one first. This is it here Okay So the first chord you’re like this It’s a D minor so a first string first fret second during the third fret third string second fret and fourth string open The exact same thing what’s a fifth string fourth fret Take the exact same thing fifth string third fret Best it’s This first string first fret second string third fret third string open fifth string second fret First string open third string second string third fret during open fifth string fifth fret The neck scores actually the exact same thing you played a first string first fret And you go play the intro part the intro Which you already know okay, so that’s the first one this is verse two I’ll play it first Okay, so as the beginning seems first one D minor Do you matter with fantasy fifth string third fret First string open second string third fret third string open fifth string fifth fret Exact same cord necks, but instead play the top string third fret Next D minor it’s an F was fourth string third fret Next Bottom string open second string third string top string third fret That goes into Which is Played both on the fifth string and a second frame So a second string third fret gesturing open Second string third fret fifth string second fret Then the slide that up to the fifth fret position second string and Fourth fret of the fifth string And its Fifth string open the second string Second fret hammer on pull off third track Cats entering search room play open The middle two strings second fret Okay, so here’s a course first So that’s a D major Gives a four-string a threat Use the fifth string second fret d with a fifth string open Like Angie horde The second string third fret third string second fret fourth string open top string second fret Then a minor seventh so top string open third string open second string third fret bottom string over And it goes under Which again is a fifth string second string So fishing open second string second fret Fifth string second fret second string third fret And just slide that open the fifth up position second string fifth fret fifth string fourth fret Okay, that’s the main part of the song so the structure at the end the ending is this Okay, so For string section strings open 4th string first strings of it 2nd string 6 fret 3rd string sound threat So 4th string 1st 2nd 3rd First second Fourth string open The bottom two strings 10th fret So you play that three times The last chord is what you just played for the ending Okay, that’s a lesson I hope this guitar lesson has been helpful and thanks for watching

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  1. Russel Renz Nerosa says:

    Oh damn, it's a Les Paul

  2. MESSI 82 says:

    Thanks for this video. Took only a few mins to learn. Was too lazy to jus look up the tablature ^^

  3. Billy Sweeney says:

    Many thanks and kind regards from a  eal learner,

  4. Billy Sweeney says:

    should have said "real" learner, much appreciated

  5. jose Cabezas says:

    hi Bob!! Nice to write to you! I'm learning this song, I'm following your tutorial but i think there is a mistake in the tabs you uploaded at the description of the video. I compared your fingers vs the tabs and something is not good. There is a time in the video when you push down string numer 6 in the fret number 5 but this is not in the tabs. ( in the second 11)

  6. jose Cabezas says:

    I would like to know if there is another way for us to be un touch. Sorry but i really want to learn this song .

  7. Jesus Deleon says:

    Hi Bobby, do you also have the tabs for the 2nd guitar in the song?

  8. dick van hoorn says:

    Nice , thank you Bobby

  9. Rodrigo.essep says:

    Excelent, thank you

  10. Levi Ackerman says:

    Can't understand a thing. Make this video again and next time show your left hand and right so it's better

  11. Rafael Velasco says:

    GENIAL, gracias

  12. Nate 1992 says:

    Very nice lesson Bobby,,,, keep it up!

  13. Jaime Castellanos says:

    Excelente tutorial. La intro es bastante dificil y solo para guitarristas avanzados. Felicitaciones

  14. Sergo yabolo _ says:

    See now this guy actually plays the song. He dosnt add a stupid remix or changes the chords.

  15. Sergo yabolo _ says:

    Bobbycrispy I subscribe to you.

  16. Scuffed Kidd says:

    your tabs are upside down it goes from bottom to top when it should be top to bottom

  17. Will Sharville says:

    A separate feed for picking hand would be useful. Great vid overall though 😀

  18. Nicolas Henri says:

    the part at 2:20 you said pinky on 10 fret and tabs too but it actually 9th fret and right after bass note on 4 but its actually 5…
    i'm just saying, if you want to fix it, but anyway i love your work 😛

  19. G H says:

    EXELENTE …………. =D LIKE

  20. tacopacopotato says:

    2:08 "pinky on the 10th"
    *puts finger on 9th

  21. Zach Smith says:

    @2:13 you say pinky on the 10th fret but you have it on the 9th

  22. Mohd Ziyad says:

    where is the tabs

  23. Facho Rubin De Celis says:


  24. Adons fco says:

    Bien, muchas gracias. 😀

  25. Tony C says:

    Thank you very much for this great lesson. Much appreciated

  26. Pinetop says:

    If I could save time in a bottle, I may be able to figure this song out.

  27. Isaac Newton says:

    I I can see the picking, it would be so much better

  28. Gunter the penguin says:

    That second chord of the first verse oh my god i dont have spiders for hands ( : _ 😉

  29. MrPapitar says:

    Man ,Tanks for show This Magic.

  30. Luc-kiéran Renancio says:

    There are some mistakes in your tab. You say little finger on the 10th fret but you put it on the 9th. Also in this same tab, appears a 4, but you put you index finger on the 5th… Anyway your video is cool, but be carefull when you right the tabs 🙂 Thank you and good job ! 🙂

  31. John Noe says:

    Well laid out. Explained. Shown. Reiterated. Perfect.

    Seriously, thanks for the videos man. I hope you know the impact you are having on today and tomorrow. 🙂

  32. reliktim says:

    Jeesh, your lesson are kinda suck

  33. Steven Kovner, Ph.D. says:

    Correct your 3rd tab. I believe it's a 9 on the g, not a 10.

  34. Finn Miller says:

    great video

  35. joe wrigley says:

    Really great succinct lesson, thank you very much for posting

  36. Linda Ferster says:

    This is so pretty. I always wondered how to play it. Thanks for posting.

  37. Al Tro says:

    Thank you , Bobby , for the excellent lesson !

  38. zach glanz says:

    Awesome video !!!! thanks so much

  39. celtlen says:

    I think there is a mistake in your tab. In the 5th bar, the tab says its the10th fret on the G string. It's actually the 9th string. Nonetheless, thanks for providing this lesson. It's a beautiful song!

  40. Jeff says:

    cool, thanks man..

  41. Bradley J. Anderson says:

    Maury Muehleisen never gets mentioned in Croce tutorials, but he was the main guitarist. lol Croce's guitar accompanied Maury's.

  42. Justin Hoff says:

    can any of you people read other comments??? YES THERE IS A TYPO IN THE TAB the 10 is supposed to be 9. there has to be 100 comments over the same thing

  43. David Boggs says:

    Thi sis why learning Guitar is really annoying. It tears your fingers up, on top of that? getting that god damned pinky finger up to that string, without fucking up the DM is nearly impossible. Or my hands just aren't meant for this. It's getting old.

  44. Mario Clash! says:

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  45. lamosos says:

    In case anyone else has been struggling, you need to have your annotations on to see the tabs 😂

  46. Michael McIntyre says:

    great vid btw

  47. Bok Bak says:


  48. james Crossland says:

    Sorry Bobby love your lessons but sorry to say a lot are wrong because you have tabbed out the 10th fret and your playing the 9th fret. Please Please change its hard for us begineers and its such a lovely song

  49. KR1298508 says:

    why so many bars:( that's the hardest thing for me to do

  50. Marlon Nunez says:

    God bless you

  51. sam hull says:

    Several mistakes in both tab and speech about placement

  52. Scott Pettipas says:

    I've always liked this song, and think it is one of the prettiest ever written. I hope you enjoy my arrangement of this classic by Jim Croce as much as my cat does, if so please share. Cheers Scott ♫

  53. Gunter the penguin says:

    Man, I think I need spiders instead of hands to play this! ( + 0 +) Great tutorial though, thank you!

  54. Alex Hernán Barrera Ramírez says:

    Eres muy bueno… gracias … Saludos desde Valencia … España … You are so good… thanks … greetings from Valencia … Spain. …

  55. etriiip says:

    Bruh…I watched this video YEARS ago and only learned one part…and it's been on my mind ever since. Im happy to say I finally sat down and wrote all the correct tabs down myself..thanks to this video. I'm also here because I heard the song from X-Men…the Quicksilver scene and this song together is one of the most amazing things I ever seen in my life. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you. Once I master this song, I'll be back for more. Keep teaching, young man. Keep teaching.

  56. popcornfilms1 says:

    Best one I've heard

  57. tomana says:

    very good! Thanks

  58. joe pish says:

    great lesson. Especially hiding what ur right hand is doing. What a friggen goof

  59. kjsiii says:

    Beautiful Lesson — Thank you

  60. Reid Johnson says:

    Just an observation here:
    You really don't need to verbally describe the fingering when simultaneously showing the tablature. This is not a beginner level version of the song, and intermediate or advanced players such as myself quickly grow aggravated with your slow and clumsy description of the fingering. I've tried 3 times to learn your arrangement, but aggravation sets in each time before I can get past the intro.

    It is a shame because this arrangement is so beautiful, but many will shy away from learning it because it just moves along too slowly.

  61. Colton pelechosky says:

    cant standthe videos where people try to say which finger goes on which fret such a horrible way to communicate chords

  62. celticlofts says:

    If you're not happy with his tabs go somewhere else and learn it.. This place is full of critics.. Nice job by the way.

  63. Dũng Bế says:

    what a lesson!!!! 139 dislikes are people who jealous of everything on this earth

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  65. Michèle CARAYON says:

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  66. freeman says:

    thank u always for your kindness.im your follower.

  67. Leslie liccione says:

    the tabs for time in a bottle do not match what you play in bar 3,and when i go to the tabs on your web site some tabs are not there . other than that i like your set up. thanks Les

  68. Mike 369 says:

    Thank you for all your help..

  69. Dave Parsons says:

    Nice tutorial. Can someone please tell me what is the amp settings he is using? I like that sound of that quick slides from the intro (56, 77,99,1212,1010.. ). My elec guitar makes nowhere close to that sound. May be my amplifier settings are wrong. (I am relatively new to Guitar btw)

  70. Wesley223332 says:

    you got ET fingers this song is pretty hard to reach around the fretboard

  71. alejandro Gomez Ramos says:

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    Y'all just need to ignore the tab and what he says bc they don't line up like 20% of the time. Just watch the vid and you'll figure it out 👌

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  87. esteban godoy says:

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  89. TheMrLiquidPixel says:

    Ik this is an old ass video but I need to know the intro song that’s like 4 seconds long I feel like ik it but I just can’t place it

  90. Daniel Pereira says:

    I've been too lazy (and unskilled) to tab this from the sheet music for years, but it's my mom's favourite song and always wanted to play for her. Thanks for this video m/

  91. Jeffro says:

    I'm going to learn this. I always love trying to play this! I would really have to focus!!!

  92. Davey Cooper says:

    Omg these people stuttering and getting their words crossed up and trying to show people how to play a song kills me….. You can't make it through one video….. But dood you still sound good

  93. reeling fate says:

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  94. Tom Damiani says:

    ok so I watched and learned. I used to play this song in the years it was created and some of this is 'partially' off from the original sheet music way back when.. That said, it is still really good. I can ding things I think are wrong but folks, let's face it. This is a difficult song for most people. There are also two guitars playing, one with a capo on a higher fret playing similar notes but different to create the sound.

    I do agree that without the right hand picking pattern it is virtually impossible to figure out, but since I knew that I am going to pull out all the things I forgot over the last 40 years and get it right.. Many Thanks Bobby! I had this played at my first wedding and the dude never gave me back my sheet music. I cannot find that original anywhere now.

  95. Wesley223332 says:

    Out of all the songs I've worn out listening to, this one has never grown old.

  96. Wolfhearte says:

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  97. GUITAR LESSONS - BobbyCrispy says:

    TABS FOR THIS LESSON AVAILABLE ON MY NEW GUITAR LESSON WEBSITE: https://guitarlessonvideoswithtabs.yolasite.com/TIME-IN-A-BOTTLE—Jim-Croce.php

  98. Sean O'Grady says:

    It's a shame there is no on screen fret/string image as shown in all of the thumbnails .. but nice work Bobby, thanks.

  99. terryrollins1973 says:

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  100. Никита Hfg says:

    it was greate until you started speaking

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