TINA: THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL Star Adrienne Warren on Playing the Music Icon on Broadway
TINA: THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL Star Adrienne Warren on Playing the Music Icon on Broadway

(upbeat music) – I got a phone call from my manager and she said will you
go pick up this script? I said, what is it? She was like, just go pick up the script. I walked into the office,
I grabbed the script and it said Tina, the Tina Turner Musical, and I just went, whoop! What, and I looked at him, and I said, well what would you like me to read for? That’s what I said. I didn’t think they
thought that I’d be Tina. I remember our musical
director, Nick Skilbeck, he said, if you know any of the music, could you just sing a little bit of it when we get to that point? And I said, oh yeah yeah,
’cause I know the songs, and I just started belting out, and everyone was like, I’m sorry what? My joy, like I’m a rock and roll kid, and then I did one workshop in London, and then I thought, oh this is over. I’m never, they’re gonna cast Beyonce, like this is not happening, and then I went and I did a few pilots that did not get picked up and luckily they did not get picked
up because I was available to do the show and that was incredible. I was in London for a year and a half. Never lived in Europe, never even really gone to Europe before, so to be in a completely different world and that far away from your family and your friends and then you’re doing this monster of a show. I’m not gonna lie, it
was a little bit tough. It was tough because this
show is physically demanding and it’s vocally demanding. It required so much of me. To not have your support
system with you is rough, but I’m grateful for it now because now on the other side of that, I’m just so full of joy
and happy to be home. The first time I met
her was at the workshop, and I didn’t look at
her in the presentation until I got to Proud Mary because I thought, you know what? If this doesn’t go any
further, I want to be able to one day tell my grandkids
that I played Tina Turner in front of Tina Turner and
she wasn’t repulsed by it, (laughing) and she was just singing along with me, and then I was like, nah you cool. We gonna, we’ll be fine,
we’re gonna be fine, and at the end of the presentation, I was just bawling and
I just fell to my knees and I just went like this in front of her and she just held me and hugged me. I think the first thing I said was, was it tough for you to
watch this ’cause it’s a lot, it’s deep and she goes, no. You got the hard job now. I already did it. She was not kidding. (laughing) It is tough, but you know what? I’m just telling the story. She actually lived it, so
every day I think it’s tough, I’m like, you know what? Buck up, pull up, let’s go. Tina is going to turn 80 this year, so to get to bring her legacy home is unbelievably special. I want her to go through
life and no matter what, know just how adored she is here. We would not have a Rihanna if
there were not a Tina Turner. We wouldn’t have a Beyonce if
there were not a Tina Turner, so she needs to see that
love more than anything else, the most important thing. (upbeat music)

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    ADRIENNE!!!! So proud of her!

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    whoa bring it on feels old now-

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    Best Leading Actress: 2020

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    Tina Turner new!!!!!

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