TMNT Turtles in Time Re-Shelled is INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty!
TMNT Turtles in Time Re-Shelled is INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty!

Court is now in session for a special episode
of Innocent Until Proven Guilty! Reboots and remakes of retro games are becoming
more and more common these days. Sometimes they live up to the fans’ expectations
and sometimes they’re huge disappointments. One example that many people claim is the
latter is Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled. This remake was produced by a different company,
so it wasn’t guaranteed to have the same feel as the classic Super Nintendo and Arcade
gem, but does that mean that it’s an insult to its legacy? That’s exactly what I’m going to find
out, but first, I suggest watching my Cygnus Destroyer review of the original, which you
can do now by clicking on the box beside me. If you’ve already watched it, then come
along with me for a trip into the alleged depths of remake hell. Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled was published
by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Singapore. It was released for Xbox Live and the Playstation
Network on August 5 and September 10, 2009, respectively. It was created to tie-in with the 25th anniversary
of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and that year’s Xbox Summer of Arcade event. Ubisoft had previously ported the first TMNT
arcade onto the digital marketplace in 2007 in a mostly unaltered state, but they decided
to completely overhaul the visuals for Re-Shelled to a grittier style that is reminiscent of
the 2003 Fox series. The traditional intros from the arcade and
SNES are replaced with the cutscene that normally occurs after beginning a session. It goes without saying that this is definitely a graphical step up, and it retains the overall
tone of the predecessor, which I appreciate, so we’re off to a decent start. Reflecting the current gaming scene, Re-Shelled
features options for online multiplayer, leaderboards and achievements. I’ve read that there’s an issue with the
co-op where a friend can’t join a match that’s already in progress, but I don’t
have first-hand proof of this. I tested the online capabilities with my buddy
Jay, and luckily we didn’t encounter any problems, so hooray for last gen servers still
being active. There were three of us in the party, so we
had the majority of the TMNT represented. Naturally, I chose my favorite since childhood,
Donatello, and I was ready to wield my deadly bow for what would hopefully be an enjoyable
experience. I knew that this wasn’t going to be my Turtles
in Time, but I had an open mind about what I was about to face. Fortunately, Re-Shelled sprinkles in plenty
of references to the Konami masterpiece, starting with the level title cards. Admittedly, they’re not as charming, but
they still add a dose of nostalgia to ease in veterans such as myself. As the initial stage loaded up, my suspicions
were largely confirmed. Aesthetically, Re-Shelled is radically different
from what I was used to. The construction site setting is left intact,
but it’s much darker and less vibrant than the Super Nintendo. That’s not to say that the graphics are
bad, because they’re far from it. In fact, the character and stage designs are
nicely detailed. I prefer the retro sprites, of course, but
Ubisoft did their job admirably. In regards to the audio department, the voice-over
is equally as prevalent as it was in the coin-op. The VO was handled by the cast of the aforementioned
2003 animated series, who respectfully payed tribute to the cheesy lines that we knew and
loved. The music, on the other hand, was entirely
scrapped and replaced with generic hard rock tracks. They’re okay for what they are, but I really
missed the iconic tunes that I grew up with. In spite of the lackluster soundtrack, most
of the trademark elements that made Turtles in Time a top SNES title are included in the
Xbox and Playstation versions. The signature enemies from the coin-op and
16 bit cartridge return, including the Foot, except that instead of exploding upon defeat,
they burst into a bunch of gears. Clearly, these Foot soldiers must be robots. I guess they wouldn’t want our heroes to
kill living and breathing people, even though they did it in the comics, but I digress. The controls function just as they always
have: simple, but effective. A jumps and X attacks. However, the special move is mapped to Y instead
of the traditional combo button press. On top of that, the special doesn’t take
any health off the meter. The beat ‘em up purist in me is against
the change, but the rest of me gives Ubisoft props for it. Another aspect that I applaud them for is
the ability to maneuver around and attack in eight directions. It’s a little disorienting at first, but
I grew to like having the freedom of 3D movement within the 2D environments. As for the remainder of their standard bag
of tricks, the tosses, slams, and jump kicks are kept intact. The tosses and slams are performed by pressing
X in close range of an opponent, and A followed by X results in a jump kick. The health and power-up pizzas are even carried
over, albeit with a fresh coat of paint. It becomes quickly evident that despite the
visual upgrade, this is still Turtles in Time, and the adventure follows the firmly-established
path of the Big Apple and Alleycat Blues leading to the iconic Sewer Surfin’. The levels conclude with the tried and true
boss battles against TMNT rogues gallery members such as Baxter Stockman and Metal Head, who
behave similarly to how they always have. Stockman flies around, firing hot lead and
other ammo towards the ninja teens below and Metal Head extends his limbs to pulverize
them. Since Konami had nothing to do with this update,
the flashing damage indicator is removed, but fortunately there is a health-meter to
show how well we’re doing. The demise of the villains cues a musical
sting and our heroes spout their catchphrase. The sting is forgettable in comparison to
the previous incarnation, which I suppose is fitting considering that the rest of the
soundtrack is as well. “Sewer Surfin’” is chaotic, owing largely
to the massive amount of foes to fight, but it’s lacking the magical feel of the Super
Nintendo. I never missed the chiptune score more than
I did in this section. The SNES song added to the excitement and
really helped set the vibe. Without it, the action feels slower, like
we’re plodding along on a sea of molasses. Musical nitpicks aside, the design quality
is quite high, and the attention to detail shown with the rippling water is excellent. The conclusion of the race through the protagonists’
home turf brings on the Ra…Wait a minute, that’s not the Rat King “Prehistoric Turtlesaurus” already? Where’s the Technodrome and Tokka and Rahzar? These are questions that probably popped up
in gamers’ heads on their first Re-Shelled experience, and understandably so. However, as I previously addressed in last
week’s video, there were major differences between the cabinet and home versions of Turtles
in Time, and Re-Shelled was modeled after the coin-op. Hence why there’s no Rat King, no Technodrome,
no Slash, etc. They were all Super Nintendo exclusives. Their absence assuredly lead to disappointment
and even anger in those who were unfamiliar with the TMNT tie-in as it was originally
conceived. Examining this with that in mind, we see that
this remake is quite faithful to the coin-op. Going back to “Alleycat Blues”, it’s
noticeable that the boxing robots from the arcade and not the Roadkill Rodneys from the
SNES make an appearance. The Foot riding fire breathing dinosaurs and
the disgusting creature known as Cement Man both return in “Prehistoric Turtlesaurus”
after being dropped during the 16 bit conversion. The establishing shot that pans towards our
heroes is reinstated in “Skull and Crossbones”, as well as the transition to a rain storm
that precedes the battle with Tokka and Rahzar, the original stage bosses, who are cuter than
ever when they’re de-mutated. If that overdose of adorableness doesn’t
melt your heart, then I don’t know what will. “Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee” has minor
additions to the background, but besides the pan away from the train once Donnie and company
defeat Leatherhead, that’s about it. “Neon Night Riders” ditches the Mode 7
view of the 16 bit console in favor of the typical horizontal sidescrolling perspective
of the cabinet. As we’re approaching the finale, I’m going
to put the spoiler warning on for anyone who hasn’t experienced Turtles in Time before. Click the poster to skip past this segment;
otherwise we’re travelling to the distant future. Krang’s starbase deviates from the coin-op
by having him exit prior to his imminent destruction. I’m fascinated by this turn of events, yet
simultaneously baffled by Ubisoft’s reasoning behind it. Regardless, the ultimate showdown with the
Shredder takes place in 1991, the year of the arcade release date, and the ensuing fight
is closer in execution to that version, not the buffed up Secret of the Ooze incarnation. Stopping the Shredder’s reign of terror
results in the familiar ending. Same as it ever was, but that’s not a bad
thing. Krang’s escape remaining unaddressed, however,
is, but I’ll let it slide this time, Ubisoft…this time. Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled has a reputation
for being a remake done wrong, but there is evidence to the contrary. The levels, by and large, are very similar
to their original designs, with most of the enemies and bosses retained from the initial
release. In fact, let’s do a sample comparison to
test this out. Hmm…It’s obvious that this isn’t our Turtles in Time, but does that mean that it’s a disgrace to this quintessential beat ‘em up? Let’s turn it over to the breakdown to find
out! Ubisoft got it right with their port of the
first TMNT arcade, so I’ll never comprehend how Reshelled became what it is. The graphics are the only aspect that saw
an improvement, and to be honest, I’ll take the sprites and pixels any day over this dull
mess. The Super Nintendo’s color palette was warm
and vibrant. Plus, the art style made it feel like playing
an episode of the ’87 cartoon, and that was very appealing to an ‘80s kid such as
myself. Re-Shelled’s greatest sin is that it sacrificed
the amazing soundtrack for this bland, background noise. Ubisoft’s effort can best be summed up as…(Kevin Sorbo as Hercules: “Disappointed!”) It’s true that this is far removed from
the nostalgic title that I adore, but at its core, it’s still Turtles in Time. From the Big Apple to the Final Shell Shock,
every step of the journey is included, complete with the familiar enemies and landmarks. Sure, some of the SNES elements are absent,
and yes, I really missed the Konami songs, but if you can put that aside, you’ll find
that this is still very enjoyable. It’s at least 85-90% the game that you grew
up with. Plus, it allows for more freedom of movement
and the addition of online co-op, flawed as it may be, enhances the fun factor tremendously. Re-Shelled is different, that’s a fact,
but is it bad? I don’t think so. Try it with an open mind and you may find
it to be as enjoyable as I do. In the case of Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled,
I rule that the verdict is…Innocent! This was a clear cut decision for me. Honestly, I don’t think this is bad
at all, and I kept saying that to my buddy Jay when we played through it. I was actually shocked to find that I liked
it as much as I did, considering my love of brawlers was shaped by the Nintendo port. I could have easily been biased into disavowing
this, but I didn’t. I set my treasured memories aside and I examined
it based solely on its traits. I saw that it’s pretty good in its own right and worthy
enough of carrying the name of the genre heavyweight. I would normally recommend seeking this out
now, but since Re-Shelled was removed from the marketplace in 2011, that’s nearly impossible
at this point. If my friend Jay hadn’t owned and given
me access to his copy through Xbox magic, this video wouldn’t have existed, so huge
thanks to him for that. Speaking of the Xbox, Jay has a show called
Viridian Flashback, where he reviews original Xbox games, which I highly suggest checking
out by clicking on the projection screen behind me. They’re very entertaining and informative. Anyway, now that this unfairly maligned remake
has finally received the proper justice that it deserves, there’s a rainbow signal in the sky that needs my
attention. Come back next week for that, but until then,
court is now adjourned!

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    You're right, this is not my Turtles in Time, and it sucks major balls because of it. Really, Ubisoft should've allowed Konami to handle this port since it was Konami who came up with the design doc, the original artwork, the original music, etc. Ubisoft only succeeded in neutering the original Arcade game and made the game way more ugly and bland to look at and listen to.

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    Well, I think the cutscenes as well as the turtles themselves look fantastic. However…

    Reguardless whether or not this title is baised closer on the arcade or snes counter part isnt the problem, the problem is Ubisoft's short sidedness of not realizing that most people dont give a shit about the arcade original but more so the far more familiar snes home port of it.

    That along with a far far blander color scheme,unnecessarily chaotic 8 way directional input mechanic, extremely choppy fighting animation, and a remarkably generic musical score makes this the overall inferior product to look at and listen too.

  36. hollywood21639 says:

    Foot soldiers are robots in the cartoon on which the game is based. Not sure why you made it an issue.

  37. Simpleton Apollo says:

    I'm sorry, there are a hell of a lot more cons for me than pros with this game.
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    The soundtrack for the remake is also complete garbage in my eyes. I do not see it as enjoyable at all and I believe it's due to the fact that I just did not like the 2003 TMNT show at all. They tried to turn a game that was made for the 80s Turtles style and shoe horned that darker 2003 crap which just made the overall presentation feel odd rather than welcoming. It felt like how I felt with Bomberman Act Zero. Instead of the little alien man that throws bombs on the ground in a pretty colorful and silly game, we get the same game but replace Bomberman with NuclearMachineMan and make the environment feel like it's a post apocalyptic nightmare rather than a silly game with a man with a square shaped head blowing up walls and enemies.

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    After watching the Completionist replay TMNT4, the one thing that piqued my curiosity was his preference to SNES over ReShelled. After watching, I have a respect for both, but such a shame it was delisted.

  96. Braden Hogan says:

    What this game SHOULD’VE been is a way to bridge the gap between the Arcade and SNES versions of this game. Some prefer the SNES version for the exclusive levels/bosses, music, and training mode. Others prefer the Arcade version for the graphics, 4 players, animations, cheesy voice acting, and Pizza Power opening. Instead of redoing all the graphics, they should’ve smashed the two versions together and re-released them on modern consoles, ending the debate of which version is the most definitive to play

  97. Recaf.Decaf says:

    Love this game. It's similar and yet different for the fans that love the original Turtles in Time.

  98. Sam's Travel on the HWY and Roads says:

    Plus vote on this review. It's so much better than IGN and Gamespot's reviews. But nah, this game is GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!!! 😀 :D.

    I really enjoyed the SF HD remake but the music did deviate a little too much for me there. Still at least that was enjoyable and it plays the same. This doesn't play the same to me and it felt slower. Also, the graphics are simply not good for what it should have been. This game doesn't give me a good feeling of nostalgia.

    I did enjoy this review though. I may have disagreed with your verdict but you had some good points and were much more thorough than the trash reviews at IGN and Gamespot/Gamestop…whatever it was. Those reviews were awful and lazy.

  99. Matthew Lane says:


  100. ItsASquid says:

    I can't see a problem with the art style. I love the grittier version of the turtles!

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