Top 10 Over The Top Music Videos
Top 10 Over The Top Music Videos

some artists can take a song and go completely off the rails welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten over-the-top music videos before we begin we publish new content every day so be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list we're looking at the most extravagant and epic music videos that blew us away by holding nothing back we're basing our choices on a mix of complex sets and stories lavish designs in the intense theatrics that made these videos one-of-a-kind number ten Old Town Road lil nas ex viras iris the video for this super smash hit transports us to the Wild West where Chris Rock and company have given up the chase against lil nas ex and Billy Ray nasa's quickly transported to current day america greeted with confused stares as he engages in a race with vince staples when Billy Ray and Nass are reunited it's time for a little concert for the local bingo crowd pat down cross town living like a rock star spend a lot of money on my brand new guitar compete with square dancing and accompaniment from Diplo on the washboard with great wardrobe choices a big budget and playful cameos the director comb addict captured the unique cultural moment that was Old Town Road in the best way possible number nine false alarm the weekend a bank heist goes haywire as we follow one robbers intense experience from a first-person perspective the visceral action of false alarm is filled with crashes bloody shootouts and explosions hardcore Henry director Illya nice Shuler tells a breathtaking story from a unique point of view while packing a surprising amount of twists and turns into the story despite how fast-paced and hectic the action is many major moments of the video not only matched the beat but the changing intensity of the music the high concept and amazing attention to detail have us watching false alarm again and again number eight telephone Lady gaga featuring Beyonce picking up from her murderous antics and paparazzi Lady Gaga finds herself fashionably stuck in jail after being bailed out by Beyonce the pair hop in the pussy wagon and go on a cross-country killing spree in telephone despite being incarcerated Gaga appears in plenty of designer outfits including a police tape dress and a telephone hat Jonas åkerlund brings plenty of visual style to the video referencing b-movies in Quentin Tarantino at 9 minutes long the video also has enough product placement to be a real film the scope and amazing set pieces still have people talking about telefon to this day number seven say Amen Saturday night Panic at the Disco what a bunch of goons try to rob the devil's key from Brendon hurry they discover they're desperately outmatched hurry uses ties and seemingly superhuman strength to destroy the thieves while improvising using items in his house the insane fight choreography has meant flying about the house while Brendon suavely lip syncs to the song there's even a wall-sized speaker to blow away some of the baddies with sound plenty of hits and even some pained screams are timed perfectly to the track making the video feel like a hilarious extension of the song rather than a sideshow [Applause] number six estranged guns and roses the definition that opens up a strange lets you know right away that guns and roses aren't going for subtlety Axl Rose hides from a SWAT team and eventually dives into dangerous waters just to escape them across nearly ten minutes Axl bounces around stages streets and even leaves his own body the dramatic cinematography and religious imagery are even more melodramatic than the original song as the finale to a trilogy of long and weird videos including don't cry in November rain estranged is the most surreal Axl is even saved by a dolphin at the end to make things even stranger [Applause] number five window liquor effects twin – guys swear relentlessly while cruising for women in the city before they're pushed out of their parking spot by a white limo after a creepy face man dances in the street a dozen bikini clad women dance with his face on as well though this is bizarre enough the song itself doesn't start until five minutes into the 10-minute run time director Chris Cunningham wanted to parody hip hop videos as all the sensual imagery is ruined by the grotesque faces the rain dancing scene however is still unbelievably cinematic despite how disturbing it is though its comedic when de liquor pushes its memorable commentary up to 11 number four jeopardy reunited and lucky the Greg convened after getting cold feet Greg Kihn sees his whole wedding party turned to skeletons and then go undead in jeopardy after running away he picks up a runaway bride and drives into the sunset the story was bizarrely continued and reunited where kins new woman is killed in Oz and he marries the Good Witch then in lucky he goes from homeless to shipwrecked as revenge from his ex naturally this series of events culminates in King Kong playing sax at the end all oddities aside this story set across three albums music videos has certainly made the jeopardy series one you're unlikely to forget number three what's it gonna be Busta Rhymes featuring Janet Jackson though Busta Rhymes got ridiculously goofy and give me some more what's it gonna be was straight-up experimental Busta forms out of liquid metal Terminator style while Janet Jackson sings in a tunnel of metallic fluids soon rhymes is leading a robotic marching band and occasionally flying as a disembodied head all the bizarre imagery made what's it gonna be one of the most expensive music videos of all time from the effects budget alone on top of Jackson's dominatrix look her outfit itself is accessorized with sex toys though it seems strange today what's it going to be still stands out decades later number two I'd do anything for love but I won't do that meatloaf featuring Lorraine Crosby and I'd do anything for love meatloaf mixes Beauty and the Beast with the theatrics of The Phantom of the Opera isolated in his castle meatloaf falls in love with a woman and brings her back to his home after the woman has a vampire orgy meatloaf flips out and destroys half of his belongings thanks to director Michael Bay all the action is over-the-top and insanely dramatic with floating beds drastic lighting and plenty of mirror effects the videos budget rivaled feature films the extravagant and Beyond romanticized production however is why we can't get enough of I would do anything for love before we get to our top pick here are a few honorable mentions [Applause] why you wanted my hair and dirt in Magnus how do they work and not I wanna talk to a scientist your mother trying and getting me pissed you have as a 13-hour shall I land happy out like a light like a light like a light piece left to the flight not for the night 767 minute she got double bedroom and I still got my number one black or white Michael Jackson as we find macaulay culkin rocking out in his bedroom he soon wrecks his house and father using a giant amplifier the rest of black or white finds Michael Jackson dancing around huge sets with people of all cultural backgrounds the video is constantly mind-boggling with its massive cast and elaborate choreography thought to mention the seamless transitions between locations director John Landis needed every bit of the videos for million dollars to get famous actors and countless effects together in the video though black or white is memorable enough as a hit song its talented video crew made it a triumph of over-the-top production do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from WatchMojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

39 thoughts on “Top 10 Over The Top Music Videos”

  1. TheRadiantDehd says:

    Let me guess, no mention of Benny Benassi – Satisfaction, Rex The Dog – Do You Feel What I Feel, or Linkin Park – Castle of Glass?

  2. Enzo Dapan says:


    a sinner knows this feeling when it was released

  3. Cryomaniac dm says:

    Imma just assume youve never heard of mastadon

  4. brandon samuels says:

    Gaga at number 9, Michael at number 1 I feel like half this list should be Gaga and the other half Michael. My two favs, seriously know nothing of subtlety.

  5. BlakeEvansTV says:

    Madonna's Like A Prayer had her kissing Black Jesus and burning multiple crosses in the late 80's.
    And there isn't even a mention.

  6. Jenny VanderPas says:

    How is "California Love" by 2Pac feat. Dr. Dre not on this list?!? Some of these were strange picks.

  7. David Litner says:

    we just gonna ignore that OK! GO literally shot a music video in 1 take at zero gravity?

  8. Lex Landefeld says:

    I never realized how completely disoriented The “Bad Guy” video was until I watched this

  9. Element 24 says:

    No Mudvayne Dig?

  10. Valandíl N. says:

    Dear Lord, where is "Deutschland" by Rammstein???

  11. Riley Wheatley says:

    And old town rode is over the top how

  12. J_ Surge_95 says:

    I like how this list has a good blend of old school and newer music

  13. Constantinos Papaleonidas says:

    Can’t hold us by Macklemore is number 1

  14. Brian Wisse says:

    False Alarm should be in Payday 2 or in Payday 3

  15. KIRANmusic says:

    What about DJ snake Turn down for what???

  16. jesus uzziel ordaz says:

    Billie Eilish is #overrated

  17. AMAL P B says:

    Bad blood should have been on the list

  18. Good Fellas says:

    What happened to Rammstein and Marilyn Manson?

  19. M Noble says:

    Taylor swift is only on for fan service

  20. Adi Pradana says:

    Where thriller?

  21. pablo calvo says:

    What happened to smack my bitch up by the prodigy. That video blew my mind when i saw it


    I bet you if you were to give Sufjan millions of dollars for all of his songs into vids I bet he would cover all ten in this list with Age of Adz and Planetarium alone…

  23. NijaAB702 , says:

    Really not oilver tree hurt that cost him a lots of money

  24. David Anderson says:

    Wait, Michael Bay directed the Meat loaf song? Makes total sense

  25. MegaCrazyScience 123 says:

    Where is The Scientist

  26. luis moreno says:

    Where is dream Warriors by doken or born this way?

  27. wildflower434 says:

    WHAT!!!! Black or White started off really sucked. But the rest of the video is excellent. Shows the history of dance and MJ kept up with all dance expressions. And finally, the facial matching. So many other artists copied and imitated from MJ. It was never over the top, was one of the best MJ video ever.

  28. chance reynolds says:

    Heart Shaped Box by nirvana should definitely be on this list!!

  29. Kimon Armantrading says:

    Where's wrecking ball by miley cyrus it should have been there:(

  30. Harvard University says:

    Were is slipknot, devil in i

  31. ROMMEL IVAN says:

    I think that Eminem should be on this list

  32. Brandfilms says:

    Umm, what happen to, "This Is America?"

  33. Eric Johnson says:

    Nine Inch Nails "Gave up" makes all these videos look like Disney shorts..

  34. oOMegaPlayerOo says:

    so bad…not even a single kpop video mentioned :/ (kpop mvs are always over the top lol)

  35. Just Hamza says:

    I saw a most normal person i clicked

  36. Rae’Quan Morgan says:

    At least 1 Kanye song should’ve been on here

    At least 1 EMINEM song should’ve been on here

  37. Henry Kwok says:

    Lady Gaga is the queen of over the top! ♥️

  38. Marcio Couto says:

    Where's Gangna Style?

  39. Winston J. says:

    Wow not a single Eminem video…

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