Top 6 Most Underrated Viral Dances | Viral Dance Moves Explained | STEEZY.CO
Top 6 Most Underrated Viral Dances | Viral Dance Moves Explained | STEEZY.CO

2018 was a big year for viral dance.
With dances like the Shoot or the Woah challenges like Sierra’s #levelup or
Shiggy’s #inmyfeelings with Drake and even fortnight. A lot of great dances
actually flew under the radar, so here are STEEZY’s Top 6 Most Underrated Viral Dances. Number one: the Benny Whip. Made by King Imprint from Georgia, the Benny Whip is similar to the Nae Nae but with some pretty notable differences. For
this move, the weight shifting is a little different. You put the weight on
your toes and your hand is positioned like you’re holding an actual whip.
Number two: the Gwara-Gwara Made by South African dance music artist, DJ Bongz, the Gwara-Gwara gained more mainstream notoriety last year from
music videos like Childish Gambino’s “This is America”, Rihanna’s Grammy
performance, and BTS’s hit single “Idol” Most people associate this move with the
stanky leg because they can look similar but the Gwara-Gwara is different with the
leg turning in and the adding of an arm or shoulder. Number three: the Billy
Bounce. Made by Supercliff, the Billy Bounce was first viral on Vine, and an
online dance culture around 2014. RIP Vine The way you do it is you bring one leg behind you and bounce them in and out while you go side to side. Number four: the Smeeze Huge shout-out to Chonkie from the bay area. You might recognize this dance as the iconic jumping move, but there’s actually a lot
more to it than just the hop and the shoulder. You can add in a drumming
motion with your hands and also swing an arm up. Number five: the Salsa walk. Made by YP Hood Rich and Barber Mon Ruffin, this move is a great example of how you can
take inspiration from another style, like Salsa, and add your own personalized
flavor to it. There are three parts to this move: the Salsa step, the sauce
sprinkle, and taking them to the rodeo. Number six: the Bust Down. Made by new LA rapper Blueface, the Bust Down is the flagship dance of his new hit song
“Thotiana”. This one requires a stretchy waistband
or belt, and you’re gonna twirl it, drop the hips with a bounce, and get it poppin.
Thank you guys for watching this video please comment below what other viral
dances you felt were underrated and viral dances that you guys want a video
on. Give us a like and subscribe for more videos like these, peace.

31 thoughts on “Top 6 Most Underrated Viral Dances | Viral Dance Moves Explained | STEEZY.CO”

  1. orca mandaeru says:

    First haha but i love videos like this!

  2. Merdi Mobani says:

    Bleuface baby 👶🏾 🍼

  3. Amya according to Starbucks AKA Amaya says:

    Then you mentioned bts lol

  4. Gemma Bae says:

    I'm early this time

  5. Eugene Phomthevy says:

    "The bust down" is originally from the bay area and from turf feinz with members like chonkster. Blue face just made it popular 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. M&A says:

    I can do the drunk looking baby giraffe 🦒😬🙅🏼‍♀️

  7. hiro progatonist says:

    Need platforms to speak out and document this kind of movement so the knowledge never gets lost/twisted, thanks for making that step steezy

  8. Bartłomiej Sołtysek says:

    Always thought that Billy bounce was actually called plug walk because of Josh Killacky

  9. Ben Donner says:

    Blue face didn't create "Busy Down". "Bust down" is from Turfing in the Bay Area. It's been around since '03. Hella wack

  10. Inês Ramos says:

    Nice ones, and what a pleasant surprise to see BTS 💜

  11. Anatoli says:

    how about skibidi?

  12. STEEZY says:


    The Bust Down is actually a much older move (than described in the video). It was called Jawsin in 2006 and originated from Oakland, California. Made by Chonkie & the Turf Feinz, this move has roots in Bay Area party dances such as the Smeeze or the Yike. TurfFeinz Crew is also internationally recognized for Turfing with the members striving for the advancement of the culture and recognition of the art form.

    STEEZY strives to provide the most authentic and thorough dance knowledge to the public. Thank you Eugene Phomthevy for pointing this piece of information out to us and starting the dialogue. And shout out to Chonkie & the Turf Fienz for creating this move that carried its legacy into the Bust Down!

  13. Brailey Logsdon says:

    If they’re underrated, how are they viral? What?

  14. Kristof Wakoli says:

    Actually the Billy Bounce was started by former Viner now YouTuber B-Nard

  15. RoseEmblem says:

    Maybe about a video of classic viral dances from the early/mid 2000's? Swag Surf, Cat daddy, Reject, Superman, South Dallas Swag, Wiggle Walk, esc

  16. Day Villa says:

    Love this dance moves🔥

  17. Wang Jia says:


  18. Yui says:

    I almost thought the billy bounce was referring tho the willy bounce in dancehall 😂

  19. Jared Ferreira says:

    I never heard about that salsa one

  20. salhi hazem says:

    More of this type of video plz

  21. AJ Grape says:

    Good video

  22. geriwel pino says:

    Sees bts

    "I'm definitely dancing now."

  23. TallCoolDrink says:

    Not underrated.
    They're OVERRATED!

  24. Student 2166 says:

    STEEZY, how do I hit the sacboy? 😭

  25. Koujou Yamaguchi says:

    Thanks for letting us know the name of these moves.

  26. Edward Bernabe says:

    Shmeeze 🤙

  27. EJ Barnedo says:

    The woah please!

  28. 23Beast says:

    🐐 tier video

  29. A_ Boomin says:

    Yea I was just bout to say blueface didn’t create that 🅿️ dance

  30. BTSxARMY FOREVER says:

    Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bts so happ6 they included them omg !!!!

  31. Armando Zuniga says:

    I thought u were steezy

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