Travie McCoy | Sound Advice
Travie McCoy | Sound Advice

49 thoughts on “Travie McCoy | Sound Advice”

  1. VM says:

    Polly wants a biscuit (she sounds like Polly on drugs)

  2. Bronzie Plays says:

    PLEASE where is the video where they tell him it was a joke?

  3. URKillingme100 * says:

    She plays such a good douche.  I'd like to see her with Amir so they could tag-team on Jake.

  4. m d says:

    She really needs to stick with Saturday night live because this was seriously unfunny

  5. Comedy Central Originals says:

    Who WASN'T influenced by Limp Bizkit? 

  6. Paul Gale Comedy says:

    "RAN CROP. ROCK CRAMP." This is my favorite Sound Advice!

  7. Elephant Men says:

    Ugh.. this girl really cannot pull off the whole snide interviewer thing. She just comes off as a dumb, ugly, annoying bitch. lool, seriously though, please quit….

  8. Danielle Uhlarik says:

    I love all of this.

  9. Scootosan says:

    See kiddies this is how a interview should be and not sucking up

  10. fuzzylumpkin49 says:

    I love the way she rubs salt into the wound and grins from ear to ear when she mocks them. ^_^

  11. Joshua Boettcher says:

    I'm obsessed with this!

  12. Tyler Arriola says:

    hahah so good, so is this scripted, are the guests not in on it or what?

    PS Vanessa Bayer is a total babe.

  13. amen2nema says:

    I forgot why i subscribed to this channel, but these skits aren't really funny. I only watched this because I like Travie McCoy.

  14. MorphineOD says:

    Have you fucking heard at least one LB song? Sure they are not rocket scientists of hip-hop, but are nowhere as embarrassing as you.

  15. damon2772nomad says:

    I can't tell if he's acting or seriously pissed. But if I was compared with Fred Durst I would be pissed too. She's horrendously obnoxious lol

  16. John Banks says:

    Lol looks like she almost committed career suicide at 1:22. Nice save. "…nature."

    But really? Beastie Boys was THE Rap-Rock group.

  17. Jay says:

    I think this was supposed to be funny…maybe?

  18. SAP Comics UK says:

    yo Travie

  19. Wilson Cleveland says:

    LOL 'Successful people say jive.'

  20. joshua mandala says:

    Another shit box episode.. When is above average going to run out of this crap n stop posting new crappy janessa videos… She needs to jump off a bridge.. Character or not she's a terrible comedian and although I kno it's just an act it's so far removed from funny it's horrific to watch.. For some reason I watch the first minute or 2 hoping that maybe she'll be killed off as a way to end this series but for some reason she always comes back.. Please kill off janessas character.. Looking thru the comments there's an overwhelming number of dissatisfied viewers in comparison to positive viewer comments n that should say it all rite there

  21. YOUNGMICWEST1 says:


  22. Chris Collier says:

    cause them all look like freaks…… RAP/ROCK! 

  23. TtigerLinceMusic says:

    She should interview the weeknd

  24. zik adan says:

    loooool i need every day in my life!!

  25. Claude Giroux says:

    Wow! This girl is so annoying

  26. D G. says:

    Women are never funny

  27. Peter Hewildts says:

    Wow, people have some really creepy personal issues with this series.  Hey, what's up guys, but wait hold on guess what….you're not invisible when you're out at bars.  You fucking people are sitting at tables laughing your fucking dicks off because your buddy awkwardly quoted Arrested Development for the 9th time in a single night ("I'M AFRAID I BLUE MYSELF!" OMG #DEAD RITE?), and then you have the goddamn balls to come online and call somebody who went from Conan to SNL "unfunny"?

    If any one of you had your own youtube comedy show, it would lead to mass suicide on such a gargantuan scale that it would solve global warming.  Stop.

  28. mary agnis says:

    He's looking at her like she's retarded.

  29. st1tchedup21 says:

    I get this is all fake but shes not funny at all. You said rap rock enough, holy hell man.

  30. Thats A Mazza says:

    Didn't find this funny, found her more irritating than anything.

  31. Linden Tyson says:


  32. Sara says:

    Please, bring 5sos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Glen Campbell says:

    Great interview! Thanks for sharing 🎼

  34. Joseph says:

    Anyone know if the interviewer like this in person? It seems like this is her actual personality based on other videos I've seen of her

  35. andre says:

    ahahahahahahaha travie McCoy the best

  36. Jakob Von Beisch says:

    Dis bitch is cra

  37. pablo flores says:

    first and last time i watch this kind of videos… the girl is ugly and her speech sucks! 😀 thanks! good morning!

  38. TheMusicLover says:

    Is it just me or is she being a bitch towards Travie?

  39. DHIZAP says:

    stupid bitch! travie you rock man !

  40. Kate Perry says:

    this girl is so dumb

  41. Kate Perry says:

    this girl is so dumb

  42. Habbit says:

    i listen to her and wonder wtf is she doing? supporting? breaking down? or just take advantage of make fun these artists? or she just advanced about this? i don't know

  43. Karl Thorn says:

    So friggin funny!!! Raprock!!!

  44. TOON GOON says:

    raaaaap rooooock lol

  45. JUAN JOSE Portillo says:

    maaan Im pretty sure that travie on his inside was like why the fucks came here???

  46. James Buchanan says:

    that bitch was annoying…. I'd be pissed just because i wasn't able to kick her in her head

  47. leece reesey says:

    Lmfaooooooo yo

  48. leece reesey says:

    Anybody irritated she accomplished her mission that's the point

  49. Jasmine Overstreet says:

    He's looking at her like wtf is wrong with this bitch he was fine back in the day

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