Upbeat Music, Upbeat Songs & Upbeat Instrumental: 2 Hours (Upbeat Background Music)
Upbeat Music, Upbeat Songs & Upbeat Instrumental: 2 Hours (Upbeat Background Music)

Title: Upbeat Music, Upbeat Songs & Upbeat Instrumental: 2 Hours (Upbeat Background Music)

30 thoughts on “Upbeat Music, Upbeat Songs & Upbeat Instrumental: 2 Hours (Upbeat Background Music)”

  1. SensualMusic4You says:

    Hi friends, wishing you a wonderful week with this upbeat collection of music. I hope you like it and share it with your friends. http://youtu.be/Um8wPCUZrX4 #upbeat   #happymorning   #happymusic  

  2. Antonio Betancourt says:

    a los que nos gusta ver el mar en su plenitud….

  3. KimWaves72 says:

    Beautiful collection!

  4. Faye _ says:

    elevator music at its finest 🙂 haha

  5. hitchhicker2013 says:

    These songs "lift" me up. 😅

  6. Noah Nguyen says:

    really nice video takes

  7. nyanjones32 says:

    Wow. This really cheered me up, since my aunt just died this morning and I have a cold. I'm really glad I found this! 🙂

  8. Pete The Parker :D says:

    Gave me the feel of a fancy restaurant. That just made me hungry! 😛

  9. Justus Smith says:

    Kinda like a Hawaiian elevator. Super cool.

  10. Daffxter says:

    The sims soundtrack.

  11. Ems says:

    It's 01:20 O'clock, I'm already listening to this for almost 2 hours.. What has my life become..

  12. Moulin Patel says:

    Helped me do homework. I usually enjoy classical music, but I wanted something that would keep me alert and focused. Thanks!

  13. Jordan wilson says:

    Sky will use this music for the epg in 2016 January

  14. aldenmark says:

    the views are freaking amazing!! where was this taken??

  15. Lily Shadow says:

    i <3 this. i was watching scary video and i heard this and i was like wow this does a lot and i was like 50% not scared

  16. Guardian of Waffledor says:

    how did I get from a7x to this elevator music

  17. Nyelshulia Lewis says:

    I. Love. Upbeat. Background. Music! 😀 Thank you! This great for the morning start in my classroom!

  18. Mouskatraveler Podcast says:

    Great for podcast intros!!

  19. blue mountain says:

    Me recuerda a la playa de Varadero. Si pudiera estar allí ahora mismo. Qué maravilla…

  20. blue mountain says:

    Beaches only where I can see my feet through the water… That´s a beach for me…

  21. Caitlin Harte says:

    Are you kidding me some of this is music from the Sims

  22. Tony Luongo says:

    this is amazing

  23. Eriadna Duca says:

    it sounds very nice! thanks you!

  24. Terrence Gin says:


  25. Mellun says:

    I love this song!! I listen to it all the time when I'm bored!!!!!

  26. Joe Conley says:

    Pristine elevator music.

  27. Fradella says:

    I heared music like this being played only in restaurant and coffé shops.

  28. FeatherWolf341 says:

    I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THE FIRST SONG. i used It in One of my old videos and i didn't remember the title, that was exactly One year ago.

  29. Nestor N says:

    I love this music..

  30. Magdalena Ludwig says:

    Awesome music, love it!

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