West Side Story – Prologue – Official Full Number – 50th Anniversary (HD)
West Side Story – Prologue – Official Full Number – 50th Anniversary (HD)

[MUSIC – “PROLOGUE”] -Watch this shot, now. -Hey! -Shoot man! Go! Hey! -Yeah! -Yeah! -[LAUGHS] -Hey, dark skin, what
you doing out here? [MUTTERING] -[WHISTLING] -[MAKING KISSING SOUNDS] -[CHUCKLING] -Sheesh! -[WHISTLING] -Hey, chicky! -Hey! Hey! Hey, boy! Hey, Jet boy! [MAKING KISSING SOUNDS] -[WHISTLING] -Hey! Hey, Jet boy! -[CLICKING] -Oh. Jet, Jet, Jets! [MURMURING] -Hello? [MUTTERING] -Chicken. -Come on! [WHOOPING] -Ha! [CHATTERING] -Beat it! [CHATTERING] -Ha! [CHEERING] -Hey! -All right, let’s get
the shot now! -Ha! [YELLING] [? Ball is caught! ?] -Come on. Beat it! -Chico, Chico! [SPANISH TAUNTING] -OK, here we go. [CHATTERING] -Jets! Hey, Jets! -Let’s go! -[SPANISH] Come on! -[SPEAKING SPANISH] [CHATTERING] [SPEAKING SPANISH] -Hey, Jets! Hey! Hey! [WHOOPING] -Hey, hey, hey! -[SPANISH] Come on, Jets! Come on! [WHOOPING] -Hey, Jets! Hello! [LAUGHTER] -Jets, come on! [SPANISH] Hey, come on! [SPANISH] -Run, white boy! -Come on, boys! Huh? [LAUGHTER] Hey! Come on, man! Hoohoo! Woo! [CHEERING] -Jets! Jets! Jets! [SCREAMING] [POLICE WHISTLE BLOWING]

100 thoughts on “West Side Story – Prologue – Official Full Number – 50th Anniversary (HD)”

  1. Fran Canino says:

    I wish i could be dancing like this on the streets every time…. lol

  2. Jonah Cowan says:

    Me and the boys goin for a walk

  3. redtoenails says:

    I remember to this day, I watched this movie since they came on a dvd, 15x I watched. My all time #1 fave movie.

  4. Donn Bradley says:

    The dance steps are harder to pull off when your pants are down to your knees

  5. Davidson Martis says:

    My mom is a big fan

  6. Mario Bellingardo says:

    epico ed insuperabile. Fotografia e colori da sempre un ammirevole riferimento .!

  7. Candice Lynn says:

    Am I the only one cheering for the Sharks because the Jets are such sullen little entitled posers?

  8. 、かりそめ says:


  9. Emily Sheils says:

    What's your favourite sport…

    It's conplicated

  10. MrValiant61 says:

    Remake, why?

  11. englephat says:

    Horrible watermark

  12. Paquita Navarro Esteve says:

    La película de mi vida❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Tenía 14 años!!!!😭😭😭😭

  13. marie-louise Krantz says:

    J ADORE§

  14. Anahid Pacheco says:

    I can see why Dancing was illegal in Footloose, it was gang related

  15. Larry Suekov says:

    My sister and I went to the Saturday matinee every Saturday for weeks.

  16. Liz Harrison says:

    The boy with red shirt looks like Alex Turner but tan and from the 60’s

  17. VolumedMusicMan says:

    Why did Russ go from this to Godzilla? Did he infuriate a Hollywood director or Producer?

  18. Ana Cecilia Molina says:

    My only hope is that Spielberg don't spoil this classic for the new generation almost 60 yrs since the film came out…Millennials are a bunch of spoiled heartless brats and I'd can predict a fail from the distance. #SorryNotSorry

  19. Coco Janeriat says:

    Best movie ever !

  20. YouMustBe Kidding says:

    Trust me – no self-respecting NYC teenager could possibly be that lame at dribbling or chest-passing a basketball.

  21. Ariyal sirrah says:

    Why is this still so good?!!!

  22. sal economos says:

    Will be fascinating to see how Spielberg updates this iconic opening number.
    He has his work cut out for him.

  23. Akkaliere says:

    Me and the boys sitting by a fence and snapping in sync

  24. Traci H says:

    Bernstein was a genius!

  25. María Victoria Jaunsolo says:

    "Well fellas, we suck as fighters but at least we nail these ballet dance moves like pros!!!!"

  26. WolfQueen 2019 says:

    Bernardo is cute

  27. Blu says:

    This is proof, that white people gangs are not that scary.

  28. The Brainiest Ashes Ever says:

    Shoutout to my band director for recommending this to the marching band!

  29. Wolfsky9 says:

    THE film !——-that made dance —–cool——–macho—–^ Bad-ass ! ———–And yes, i too like how Jets went around the little girl ———-respected her. ————-what a concept ! —————————WolfSky9, 72 y/o

  30. Liberty AboveAllElse says:

    Always reminds me of this:

  31. Abdul Hakeem says:

    Pretty much is the racial tension in 2019

  32. ClintDempsey76 says:

    I don't think ballet has ever been more intimidating

  33. maria blanca says:

    En versión española

  34. Arnold Stollar says:

    Bernstein Great.

  35. Square Creative says:

    Shit, get away from that window, the Jets are pirouetting outside in the alleyway!

  36. Square Creative says:

    Hey, man, I'm a Jet, and you know how crazy we are…. I paint non-offensive graffiti on the wall, Jaywalk, Steal Fruit, and when I get really mad, I kick people on the Derriere as they walk away…. so be very careful not to get me prickly!

  37. Square Creative says:

    The first rule about Ballet-Gang-Pirouetting Club is, YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT BALLET-GANG-PIROUETTING CLUB!

  38. Square Creative says:

    The first rule about Ballet-Gang-Pirouetting Club is, YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT BALLET-GANG-PIROUETTING CLUB!

  39. lego spiderman 200 says:

    Mini series stemming from musical inform kids that shooting hurt others in the end no real message just pain😔

  40. lego spiderman 200 says:

    Story to be told

  41. lego spiderman 200 says:

    Love musical 😮

  42. Perry Walton says:


  43. Theta Kongpancake says:

    August 17, 2019 – New Day Same Dance. It Is So #Sad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk_hWJQoAzQ

  44. shannon lucas says:

    Who are the Warriors? Sorry. Wrong movie.

  45. Rahmel Pervez says:

    The original bloods and crips!!! 😂 😂 😂

  46. Coco Janeriat says:

    Best movie ever !

  47. Eddie Rivera says:


  48. DL Southwell says:

    After witnessing the horrors of gang dancing portrayed in West Side Story, the governments around the world banned "Gang Dancing" since about 1961-62.

  49. BLUE SKY says:

    An absolute masterpiece…

  50. Jess Kinzel says:

    Im so sick of these trash street gangs.
    But I must say, it is interesting seeing them in their natural habitate doing what they do.

  51. Sora Kanzoku says:

    west side story… an interesting story ruined by random efemanant dancing..

  52. Dixie Normous says:

    Anyone else here for GCSE Dance?

  53. Surgé Land says:

    Sharks were always cooler. Then and now. Not really the point of the film, but certainly worthy of note.

  54. PapaGeorg10 says:

    I wish all conflicts could be settled with dance battles

  55. Yoshikatsu Okuno says:

    Impressive opening the scene!!!!

  56. Слава Кривцов says:


  57. superluminal89 says:

    Everything was fine until Car 54 showed up at the end.

  58. Tiffany Zette says:

    Magnificent choreography

  59. TheTmny876able says:

    take the mickey but this is THE greatest musical in history and won't be equalled.

  60. Audio Sane says:

    TRUMP: You should've seen me back in the day. Total Jet. Man, we told them Sharks to beat it! #MAGA

  61. Jonathan Duque C. says:

    Michael Jackson copied many moves.

  62. Ricardo Previ says:


  63. Travis Faulkner says:

    It would be funny if blood and crips did this as a peaceful ending to their beef 😆

  64. Travis Faulkner says:

    It's all fun and games until someone jumps and spins

  65. Toodles says:

    [tough guy finger snapping]

  66. Probably a box says:

    I feel like these well choreographed gangsters that move flamboyantly are more terrifying than your average gang member due to the fact they probably have impeccable synergy

  67. Probably a box says:

    60s fight choreography is pretty dang weird
    But then again
    It couldve purposefully been this weird for the sake of the musical

  68. MAGA Supporter says:

    The 80's.
    Great 80's movies.
    Great 80's music.
    Today's movies – fake cartoon talking with humans.

  69. James Brophy says:

    bar none the most obnoxious audio at the start of a video.

  70. Kieron Schweitzer says:


  71. C-More Videos Wooo! says:

    Happy Birthday to Mr.Chakiris 9-16-34.Ohio.Probably the best greek dancer ever.

  72. don brassco says:


  73. Tanzy Pugh says:

    Perfectly twirling into a fight.

    People back then: what a masterpiece!!

    People now a days: That's gay.

  74. Bevey Dillon says:

    Love it

  75. Hailea Elizabeth says:

    It’s sad that you don’t see movies like this with amazing dance numbers anymore

  76. liongareTV says:

    unfassbar was für ne scheisse es gibt

  77. rabbitfishtv says:

    The opening of this movie, shot on location, is thrilling. Then it moves into studio sets and goes totally flat.

  78. tiffsaver says:

    What a great opening scene. A great movie deserves a great director, and they got one in the incredible Robert Wise. When you look at this guy's film credits, you'll fall on the floor. Congrats on your 50th Anniversary. LET'S DANCE!!!

  79. fedr39 says:

    I wonder where Michael Jackson got his dance moves from? hhhmmm!!!

  80. 山田昌彦 says:

    アメリカは凄いと思う。 群舞が凄い。 1962年頃の作品だと思うけど、バーンスタインの曲も素晴らしくて、青春時代の懐かしい思い出です。

  81. jigsaw jigsaw says:

    You know, for a gang war this is actually some pretty lax stuff they're doing

  82. The Northie says:

    I remember when gangs would do poses before beating the shit out of you. Classy guys there

  83. eric heine says:

    The music was arranged by Leonard Bernstein who studied under Metropolis at Harvard.
    Romeo and Juliet, who did the choreography?

  84. belden8412 says:


  85. Kenneth Matthew says:

    Gang violence and drive by dancing is ruining our community

  86. Bettie Blakey says:

    I love this movie! especially the choregraphy and dancing . All of the dancers. Rita Moreno Wow! And the songs and singing for sure also.

  87. Angelle Nanai says:

    sees rival gang on their turf

  88. Not A Robot says:

    fighting over who had the gayest haircut

  89. Robert Moraga says:

    People joke about the dancing, but if they had any idea how hard it is to physically perform at this level, and in sync with the troupe no less, they would not be so quick to make fun. My father was in one of those gangs as a kid and then was on the Sharks on Broadway in the original run. I understand the ignorance of racism which this movie addressed. And like Romeo and Juliet, which inspired it, West Side Story is a great love story at heart. Only those who have fallen deeply in love could understand. Make fun if you must, but you are missing so much more. This is a landmark film and magnificent entertainment, as ten Oscars attest.

  90. Jaw Bee says:

    What a color and details😍 that modern digital camera can't achieve.

  91. 半田朋子 says:


  92. 半田朋子 says:


  93. 半田朋子 says:


  94. River 25 says:

    Bae: he's probably out there cheating on me

    Me and the boys:

  95. BLUE SKY says:


  96. Spam Dump59 says:

    Tony gets shot.

  97. Dre Taylor says:

    Back when on sight was on sight

  98. PhoeniksoftheStorm says:

    Oh no the theatre kids are snapping their fingers at me

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