What Do You Like To Do? | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs
What Do You Like To Do? | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

What do you like to do? I like dancing, but I don’t like dancing with a bear I like swimming, but I don’t like swimming in the air I like drawing, but I don’t like drawing with a spoon I like cooking, but I don’t like cooking on the moon I like riding a bike, but I don’t like riding a shark I like petting a soft furry dog, but I don’t like petting an aardvark I like running, but I don’t like running with a bee I like painting, but I don’t like painting in a tree I like reading, but I don’t like reading upside down I like skiing, but I don’t like skiing on a merry-go-round I like playing hide ‘n seek, but I don’t like playing hide ‘n sleep I like singing with all my friends, but I don’t like singing with a sheep Baaa What do you like to do? Baaa

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  1. Sarad Chandra Bhattaram says:

    A q we 1` simplebaby rhymes

  2. Mary M says:

    I love to cuddle my daughter 😍

  3. sebastian hernandez says:

    Acabo de ver el video y me parece muy bueno



  5. Mary Lou says:

    i love it

  6. Cẩm Vân Đỗ says:

    Poor bear ☹☹😅

  7. Stray Legend Nightcore says:


  8. Iulian says:

    Hey lCa roars

  9. Mary Lou says:

    i watch this at m at my school

  10. Kostia Yarytenko says:

    A huge thanks to the team of Super Simple Songs , you’re super <3

  11. Chandrakala Vanama says:


  12. Stephanie Guzman says:

    I like to jump rope and cheer

  13. Beatyfox2 Credit says:

    No!! I don't do that.

  14. Neal Heimer says:

    G g CB, g vi gmk urfddc. Chum iiijkteael

  15. Patcharin Jamburee says:


  16. Thanh Ngọc Nguyễn says:


  17. mylene Ensayao says:


  18. Adventures with L&L says:


  19. Puppet Master says:

    I like to listen to this song

  20. Huntyr Lohgyn says:

    TX ft sewscqhh dt

  21. ruby tran says:


  22. Lolly Pop says:

    I'm not lying but my sister like cooking 🍳 in the moon 🌙

  23. Jack Basques says:

    Like si estás viendo esto para aprender inglés

    Y eres muy grande para ver esto pero no importa
    You can do it

  24. Stella Tan says:

    Error w 7

  25. Claudia Grisanti says:

    I’m not mother tongue, what’s the animal at 0:56 and how is it spelled? I like to sing this song to my baby but I really don’t get that part!
    Amazing videos Super Simple, I’ve learnt so many songs from your channel, thank you ❤️ graphics are really high quality, too! It’s not so obvious to have such pleasant animation

  26. Cutze says:

    This song is really amazing, i would watch it everyday!
    Its very active and Playful!
    Sincerely Amazing!
    Please make a part 2!

    I really like how the content is original, and the music makes you wanna sing and dance!

  27. Juanpablo Serra says:

    you Have sc3viiitf was the Yet

  28. Seema Rajgor says:

    I like to just sit in one grassy land and have the breeze

  29. Carter Barrett says:

    I like to play Fortnite

  30. William Will-Da-Beast says:

    eating with a sheep

  31. Lusi Vasileva says:


  32. Ingrid Yazmin Sanabria Ramos says:

    estas canciones son popo

  33. Shelley Rosario says:

    ,non 👿👿🌀👿👿

  34. Deepra Roy says:

    Mi. Kukkk

  35. AnaLaura Berger says:


  36. Surya Budiman says:

    does anyone know the guitar chord for all super simple song … please please share ,,, million thanks

  37. Aaliyah Hussein says:


  38. Isaiah Vincent says:


  39. chunway Yau says:


  40. Tracy Williams says:

    playing in the pool

  41. Mac Kien says:


  42. Annabelle says:

    I like watching videos but I don’t like watching this video

  43. Gabrielė Curikovaitė says:

    That bee run with boy

  44. Chloe Guiverkirk says:

    Near but noooooooooooooioooioooooooo9ooooooooo

  45. Jackson Higgins says:



    I like to play games on my phone

  47. David Lo says:


  48. Mohamed Farah says:


  49. Anumolu Radhika says:


  50. Not Telling says:


  51. Elijah Tuitamai says:

    My baby brother loves this video.

  52. Neves sam kitoko says:

    I love this song

  53. lý nguyễn thị says:

    This video is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogood

  54. rpsweetbabyable says:


  55. Christian Estrada says:

    Up ey

  56. Colleen May says:


  57. Yvette Rutt says:

    Poor bear

  58. M2k_ Staller says:

    I just lost brain cells

  59. kidsfun&Learn says:


  60. Yasaman Hamidi says:

    I’m a

  61. o o f says:

    this video makes no sense WHAT THE HECK

  62. Amre Orud says:

    What I Like to do is painting a picture 🏙

  63. Daniel Arias says:

    I like flying
    But i don't i flying with a bird

  64. Joshua Polistico says:

    UhghjfsaZxv. V

  65. 林佳萱 says:


  66. Lol Hahaimcool says:

    All I like is to play on my iPad all day

  67. Cynthia Cashell says:


  68. Nikki Barratt says:

    Tom is cooking on the moon what's Tom doing

  69. Nikki Barratt says:

    Soo why didn't the shark

  70. tanis dioguens says:


  71. Jose Pineda says:

    Idk why but my baby brother cry’s every time the ending shows up. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  72. Lol Hahaimcool says:

    I love my mommy

  73. Kay Franklin says:


  74. ANAe Martins says:


  75. 深田エイミー says:

    1:58.1:58 1:58
    1:58 1:58 1:58
    1:58 1:58 1:58

  76. Bongani C Khumalo says:

    L like drinking but l don't like drinking sea water🏞🏞

  77. Katherine Henderson says:


  78. kamila mcguinness says:

    🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑

  79. Alonso Barajas says:


  80. kamila mcguinness says:

    ⚡️ 🐑

  81. Екатерина Зимакова says:


  82. Vijay khatri says:


  83. tat chuan nguyen says:

    I like reading.

  84. tat chuan nguyen says:

    I like hide and sleep.

  85. Mary Ann Sibonga says:

    Thank youso much for sharing your songs and unfreezing activities!!! I can use these in my class!!! Thank you…

  86. Fluttershy Plays 189 The Cuphead Lover 2018 says:


  87. Laura Negrete says:


  88. Chi Jan says:

    D vz .

  89. Aurya Trigueiros says:


  90. Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs says:

    Thanks so much for watching! You can find more great videos for young learners in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► http://bit.ly/SuperSimpleApp

  91. SmokeNinja47 Live Streams says:

    I like eating but not eating with a pig

  92. Rajan Sidhu says:

    I like some foods🍝🍟🍔

  93. Viet Nguyen says:


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