Yngwie Malmsteen Amazing Guitar Solos
Yngwie Malmsteen Amazing Guitar Solos

Hi. Welcome to the video. My name’s Yngwie Malmsteen – J. Malmsteen, by the way.

100 thoughts on “Yngwie Malmsteen Amazing Guitar Solos”

  1. Alice Edmunds says:

    I loved, ate and slept Yngwie since I was 18. I'm now 50. IT IS STILL TIMELESS. BRILLIANCE. Its so great to see others love this. You have no idea how alone I feel sometimes in a world of Hip Hop craze. I WANT TO SCREAM!

  2. Mark L says:

    That is just stupid crazy!

  3. Dharish Nd says:

    3:08 this makes me laugh.

  4. BIG BOSS says:

    ill see you in hell

    dont be late

    fucking awesome solo

  5. John Black says:

    He is the best no Doubt haters can have their meaningless comments

  6. Carl Ryan says:

    Lots of distortion clouds what he doing.

  7. Johnny Gartland says:

    I just came.

  8. giorgos stamatopoulos says:


  9. Steve Etzkorn says:

    I grew up listening to some great guitarists.. Yngwie, Eddie, & Stevie Ray Vaughn to name a few. I remember buying Malmsteen's "Trilogy" album as a senior in high school. Still listen to it. What a phenomenal player.

  10. PRIYANK RAI says:

    Jai ynwiey….

  11. Charles Hill says:

    I have listened to Malmsteen for years. I remember when his first record came out I believe I have just about every one now .truly a master guitarist anybody who hates on him has no clue about what's going on. he's a master .big Zakk Wylde fan I am .I would like to see the two of them play together. that would be one hell of a show .two different types of guitarists completely. that's what makes them both great from one extreme to another they both Rock.

  12. Andre 323ti says:

    malmsteen rei . tem uma pica do tamanho de um extintor de incendio !!!

  13. Maxime Gwirionez says:

    King down on earth.

  14. Danrell Veymore says:

    What is the second one?

  15. kkash72 says:

    His hands are so fast, when Yngwie masterbates, there is a puff of smoke 💨 and he is done in 2 seconds.

  16. Butt-head says:

    Hes well known to be a show off and have an ego but I would too hahaha

  17. Ryan says:

    It all sounds the same!! lol

  18. paulcorda says:

    I find subjectivity in music so interesting, I'll give Yngwie credit where it is due, he can shred and has excellent technique, but other than that I do not see what the big deal is about him, and it amazes me how one person can say he is a guitar god, and I'm like" meh, I can think of dozens of players I'd rather listen to than him". His riffs are boring, generic, basically constructed, way too much 'showing off' , and much of this video is the same shit you would hear at any guitar store from some random guy trying to whale away and impress the people in the store. Think about it this way, if his stuff was so hard to play that only him and a few others can play it then you wouldn't have countless youtube Yngwie cover videos from random amateur to advanced guitarists playing his stuff, and don't get me started on his backing tracks (I mean generic Jam tracks) just God awful. I have yet to hear 1 good song construction from him and 1 solo that moves me or is excellently crafted, not 1 and I have tried, I have listened to much of his music. Sorry fan boys, but he's a 1 trick pony at best.

  19. Juan Toscano says:

    Se nota que le gusta el oro al mochacho/a😁

  20. Crimson Idol says:

    Like his Style or not. This is absolutely incredible and more than impressive! Not many People are able to play music on his level.

  21. divinalt says:

    Just love this golden colour….most beautiful I’ve seen….ever.

  22. lyradguitar says:

    Friggin' awesome guitar tone here!!

  23. 南国カタパルト says:


  24. Greased Lightning says:

    I don’t wanna be a pirate!

  25. Alpatah Patah says:

    The best
    Style accending run….!

  26. stefhen jann de leon says:

    Check out Albert King's advise to Stevie…..

  27. Khawaja Ahmed says:


  28. Antu chakraborty says:

    Pure classical maestro ……fingers of fire🔥

  29. JUNK STORY says:

    even bass sound in the background is fast and good

  30. Leandro Del Prete says:

    You need talent just to listen to a guitar playing like this.

  31. TJ KNOT says:

    My ears and eyes can't even keep up.what chance do my fingers have.just too good🙂👍

  32. Richard Malar says:

    What's the name of first song?.. 0:00 – 1:55

  33. Mario Xavier Morales Betancourt says:

    To everyone learning this style of playing

    Yeah, yeah, scales, arpeggios… yeah, yeah, all that bullshit…

    Vibrato motherfuckers! Focus on vibrato, one of the most neglected aspects of guitar playing ever. Yngwie has excellent vibrato yet many people ignore it. If you learn good vibrato (wide vibrato, often at least a whole step wide), you won’t need flashiness to sound good and confident.

  34. Elai Garcia says:

    uhmm muy bueno
    pero, walter es mejor

  35. Rob Thorne says:


  36. Lucretciela says:

    I forgot about this guy. I remember in the 80's he wasn't known to the average metal head (at least in the US), but he was idolized, and greatly respected by the all the great, popular & revered guitarists. Kinda like how most ppl into techno have never even heard of Brian Eno, who pioneered synthetic/electronic music, and is revered by all the great/popular/revered techno artist.

  37. GotLotsaFaith says:

    The fact he uses, essentially, stock Fender Stratocasters – and has for his entire career – is something of a marvel… By "stock" I just mean, no heavy-duty Floyd Rose tremolos, no hum bucker pickups, no flashy decor or paint (also no Mesa Boogie amps); nothing too overtly technological in general. His playing is crystal clear, too.

  38. Adhyasta iCethagi says:

    thx u yngwie,,,Slalom,,,,,cemtral Java,,, Indonesia

  39. Jimi Hendrix says:

    One of the ABSOLUTE Greatest Players EVER ..

  40. Gilberto Albuquerque says:

    Muito bom. Técnica perfeita

  41. Andrew Zendejas says:

    His best tone here in my opinion. There is only one Yngwie for sure.

  42. James Nasium says:

    Too each his own,it sounds like an overdose

  43. Röda Pringles says:

    I love this typ of shred music, I get its not for everyone, but for me this is music.

  44. Aldo Basi says:

    Ingwi malemsenen

  45. Miguel Angel Romero Diaz says:

    El puto amo

  46. Vanguard says:

    i love that first strat hes playing. incredible tone. and then the yellow one with the rosewood fretboard after is even better!

  47. Julius Dagami says:


  48. cameron louis says:

    Randy rhoads and dimebag are watching this right now too. I love and respect a versatile musician. Say what you want, but you can’t say he’s not good. Cheers

  49. Mark madonia says:

    Real deal. When someone better comes along let us know

  50. Mr Synister says:

    3:22 Amazing

  51. Myeong-Kwan Kim says:

    Master player Always the best!!!

    (opening is “See you in hell” in Eclipse album)

  52. Srđan Popović says:

    Love this man and his technique…such a cool guy

  53. Noel Branigan says:

    Yngwie is a great player but his sound on this video is terrible and i know that he agrees.

  54. Richard Smith says:

    iam jesus christ 1971 resurrectionofdivine #iloveSLAYER #ihateKanyeWestForHeIsSickBlackPigDogDemonicWormShitKrap #PATHETICUGLYE77 #FUCKYEGAY! #KIMJUSTFATHIPPO80

  55. bibana06 says:

    He may not be the most technical (although I think he used to be back in the 80's), he makes some mistakes, may not even have used a metronome in his life… But my godness, WHAT A TONE !! No one sounds like him, and no one (as far as I know) has taken neoclassical guitar this far before. That's why, to me, he is the greatest rock guitar player of all times. You may not like him. But saying he is only about "demonstration" and "guitar masturbating" makes no sense.

  56. Hilai YOLO says:

    Name of the 8:24 song please🙏🙏🙏

  57. stuforty2 says:

    the master 🙂

  58. J D says:

    Yngwie fingered his wife…. she is dead

  59. Patrick Mayer says:

    KING STRAT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,long live the king,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,forever…😐.

  60. yeşil çizgi says:

    Legendary Malmsteen…

  61. JR Rosalez says:

    What good does this do to blues and latin rock? Absolutely nothing. I can only take one song from Yngwie and that's it. I've had his albums, his best was Eclipse, after that his albums were boring and almost pointless.

  62. Strangel72 says:

    He plays guitar like a rabbit fucks

  63. Dawn Gentry says:

    Yak fia like to see if you have any questions

  64. Dawn Gentry says:

    Jim Gentry

  65. Dawn Gentry says:

    Austin is my sk 😂💀 🙏

  66. BrUnO SyNeSt NaPoLi says:

    14:26 download files pending

  67. Deathbrewer says:

    Phil Anselmo once said that Yngiwe had "poor vibrato" lol… I mean, I love Dimebag too, and Yngwie does "overplay" sometimes, but when he wants to be tasteful Yngwie also has "Million Dollar Vibrato" as I once saw it described by an old review in an 80s guitar mag 😉

  68. Jade Miguel says:

    My most idol guitarist.

  69. Pierre Ståhlgren says:

    This is great.

  70. Abed Shorman says:

    Idk but he has only speed but no melody thats why i dnt like him but at the same time he has arpeggios from hell its really nice

  71. Ricardo Cespedes says:

    las manos benditas siempre prevaleceran en nombre nuestro lord

  72. Star Man says:

    Fantastic technique, but you've got to admit that his so-called "blues" solo was about as far from the blues as you can possibly get. It's blues via Paganini (ie. not blues).

  73. you tube says:

    Tell me something why are your pickups so low almost flat as the scratchboard. How are you picking up your sound. Just wondering thanks. W Percival from New Zealand 🇳🇿 Gardenia🌺 Band

  74. John Clayton says:

    This dude needs more practice !!! Lol

  75. Rod Buchanan says:

    That's them On Crack Blues at 6:00

  76. RationalMindRiot says:

    Yngwie the musical magician 💥

  77. higler says:

    4:00 those volume swells are unreal

  78. Cooper Winters says:

    All of his goddamn frets are scalloped

  79. drewski5150 says:

    I liked the bit where he played fast.

  80. Louis Zava says:

    He must have done this video after his Eclipse album. Because all the solos he does are from that album. A good album for sure. More pop oriented but still got plenty of shreds in it too.

  81. David Watkins says:

    This ain't the blues, and it ain't no jazz either, you can hear it when he tries to improvise, it, the riff always winds up as the same thing, y know, all o that technique and all y get is mock, gothic imagery, like he won't or can't think past that, this bloke is a product of conditioning,…by De lauriel most likely, I mean come on, look at his hair do, I would bet my last silver dollar that Steve vai sits and laughs at this scandanavin clown, I mean, the time he smashes up the stratocaster and whispers to the audience, "do you want this "?
    And he needs to get some clothes that fit him, y know, Hendrix style, lose some weight dude, or better than that, go back to Oslo.

  82. Crimson Idol says:

    It looks so effortless. Hes just improvising most of this stuff like its nothing. Very impressive. Doesnt sound forced or anything.

  83. John Murray says:

    I grew up listening to him, can’t stand him or his playing anymore, boring repetative shite

  84. Steve Maddock says:

    Malmsteen still has in my opinion the best picking technique, he set the bar
    Original in his approach and awesome

  85. Abstract Symphony says:

    For all the of you who are thinking hes using a Marshall amp on this intructional video he is actually using a Fender rocpro1000 that has a solid state for the acustic side and a 12ax7 on the overdrive channel that he pushes with the DoD 250 grey most likely and hes using a Roland ce1 or a boss ce2 chorus on save our love . check out my bands channel i used this amp to record our album Abstract Symphony neoclassical heavy power metal

  86. freddyhoooh65 says:


  87. leonardo arredondo says:

    Does anyone know what the first song is?

  88. Reck Tumz says:

    12:13 All I can say is smile.

  89. Motteck says:

    Iam da new god!

  90. ULTRA NEMESYS says:

    239 imbeciles

  91. rubenreza says:

    3:23 – just beautiful

  92. Radmiel Nuevos says:

    Can someone tell me what is the title of the first music he played?

  93. hogwylde65 says:

    Phenomenal guitar player just never really got into his style

  94. Bri5150 says:

    I can completely appreciate his technical ability, but I'd rather listen to Gary Moore or Paul Gilbert if I want my speed fix. Yngwie sounds like a computer program.

  95. Robert M says:

    His tough femininity just doesn't float. It's awkward. He wants to wear a dress.

  96. APS FPV says:

    Ok… This is Malmsteen from 20+ years ago. Today he's a shadow of his former self.

  97. Moises Phontys says:

    The amazing Malmsteen forever

  98. Hugo Vitor says:

    Yngwie Malmsteen, J. Malmsteen. 2:00 Don't play with this name

  99. David Lane says:

    Wow, first time I’ve heard him not playing the typical neo-classical stuff

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